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 “Transparent, Honest, Ethical”

Enjoy Online Shopping without the stress associated with the headache of searching for ideas!

   Hello World! I obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Northridge, in 1985. I am a member of Ρhi Τheta Κappa (ΦΘΚ), Alpha Sigma Theta (ΑΣΘ) Chapter through Utah Valley University where I continue to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Science. I am also alum to Golden Key International Honour Society. Both are academic achievement fraternities.

    I’ve scaled Mount Whitney at the tail-end of completing the entire John Muir Trail with some of the greatest guys I could have ever had the opportunity to know. Nearly 250 total miles of trekking along the Sierra-Nevada’s of California, conquering nearly every major mountain peak in my early teens, scaling nearly every summit that stood before me. I’ve had the opportunity to work in radio as a broadcaster / audio editor, and television as an ADR  [post-production audio engineer] Production Technician for an ABC television series.

  After having spent over 20 years in the insurance business, now an F.A.A. Certified Private Pilot, Traveler and a consumer who loves snowboarding in the back country deep pow, Fly-fishing quiet streams, Cycling the back roads, Sailing in vast open waters, and Golf on any other day, I turn my attention to other important matters.

   I’m someone, probably just like you, who has experienced the pitfalls of an unsatisfied consumer of goods or services where customer service turned out much less than stellar, only to turn the corner and experience the convenience on the part of the company to simply hang-up, or [the pervasive] “re-direct” my call, then running the gauntlet of endless recorded messages at an attempt at getting…. absolutely nowhere!

Mission Statement

  Shoppers Briefer does all the footwork for you in finding the best deals at the very best prices. Sometimes as much as 90% off regular pricing- and with Free Shipping!

Daily Deals, Weekly Deals, Travel Deals, “Limited Time” Bargains Happening Now Deals, and just about any other deal available online today.

Everything from Apparel to Travel, Health and Beauty products, jewelry, Gift Ideas for both Him & Her, and Online Educational opportunities are presented by Shoppers Briefer.

Then Shoppers Briefer writes about it, letting you in on the details and background information on the merchant(s) you might be considering doing business with, and then leaving it all up to you!

   Based on the values of integrity, transparency, honesty, and ethics, Shoppersbriefer.com takes you to our Affiliate Relations Disclosure site for your full review which is an expansion of the disclosure statement you’ll find below. Our Affiliate Disclaimer link is found in the footer of each page, as well as proving a link to a Consumer Education Portal that provides the consumer with more, expanded information about what an affiliation relationship actually is, and how the consumer themselves benefit by purchasing product and services through affiliated websites.

  Shopper’s Briefer is dedicated to inform the average online consumer about both the pitfalls and benefits of online shopping. It is about helping to “avoid” the agony that seems to go with today’s consumer when it comes to the ever-present pitfalls associated with the “purchase” of a product or service that doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

You will NOT, however, ever find a false “scam” review designed to get you to buy an alternative product found on this site. The internet is full of all the rip-off “gurus” telling you they, themselves, aren’t one of those rip-off gurus! The term “honest review” doesn’t actually exist on those sites!

  Shoppers Briefer is about assisting in any way possible at helping the shopper avoid the dreaded wheel of “experience” that follows a regretful online buying decision of one kind or another. It is also about promoting “informed” online shopping by placing the added power of knowledge and awareness into your hands, the online consumer.

  Whether you’re considering shopping for the hottest new device or the latest in consumer electronics, finding the latest baby gear at bargain prices, searching for the latest in apparel, or simply viewing our featured website or Showcaseof a given company, product, or person, simply “click” from our site, and you’re there!

Enjoy your online shopping experience without the stress associated with searching for ideas. Our One-Stop, shop-all,Gift Ideas listing is all about online shopping “Special” Items at Great Pricing that are only found off the beaten path [so-to-speak]. Just click the item topic of interest listed, and start shopping! The listing is extensive, and at great prices. Using this site as a home base, you can now “enjoy” your shopping experience without the confusion about where to start from.

I hope you find this blog site of interest to you and urge your ♦comments♦ and contributory blogs to make this site the “useful” tool I envision it to be.*

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