Introduction of Shoppers Briefer -Orthodox-Apocalypse-Fresco   Welcome to the Introduction of Shoppers Briefer

I’m an Eagle Scout, both Phi Theta Kappa and Golden Key International Honour Society Alumni, Traveler and a consumer who loves snowboarding in the back country deep pow, Fly-fishing quiet streams, Cycling, Sailing in vast open waters, and Golf on any other day, and a consumer who has experienced the purchase of goods and services where customer service turned out much less than stellar, finding myself running the gauntlet of endless recorded messages at an attempt at getting anywhere! This is my introduction of a site to the contrary. 

   This site is all about doing all the footwork for you in finding the best deals at the very best prices. Sometimes as much as 90% off regular pricing and with Free Shipping!

   Daily Deals, Weekly Deals, Travel Deals, “Limited Time” Bargains Happening Now Deals, and just about any other deal available online today, Shoppers Briefer finds it for you, bring you an introduction to previously unknown possibilities at saving both time and money.

   Everything from Apparel to Travel, Health and Beauty products, Jewelry, Gift Ideas for both Him & Her, and Online Educational opportunities is reviewed by Shoppers Briefer.

   Then Shoppers Briefer creates an introduction to you by writing about it, letting you in on the details and background information on the merchant(s) and the product[s] you might be considering doing business with, and then leaving it all up to you!

   It is also a site that will showcase various offers [some of which are FREE] and product[s] at bargain pricing. In most instances, links take you directly to the listing while maintaining a hub from where you can go to various categories of product or services.

Your comments and interaction is what is needed to help other potential prospects or [in some circles, “victims”] avoid the same pitfall or share in the same joy and satisfaction you experienced. When you leave a comment on this site, you may publish a blog of your choice from your URL to be posted on this site as well.

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