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The amazon logo alone distinguishes the company from its field of competitors. amazon is by far the safest way to shop online. It’s a company that is highly sensitive to the consumer’s confidence. It is all about the brand’s image they have created since its start going back to 1994.

      Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Inc., trading under NASDAQ as AMZN, has established itself as a leading American electronic commerce company. The amazon European “multinational” headquarters is Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. 

    The world’s most formidable front-runner among the largest online retailers has established separate websites. Each site individually serves the United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Italy. With expected site launching for countries like Russia, Mexico, India, and a few other European neighbors like Sweden and the Netherlands,  amazon is taking the world by storm. Providing international shipping of some of its product line to certain countries outside of its domicile website locations has propelled amazon’s appeal that much more.

    Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, taking its name from one of the world’s largest rivers, Amazon launched its online business model on July 16, 1995. Driven by its namesake’s reputation, just like the great river, Bezos would not have his creation become just another of its kind to run among the largest. It would leave all the others far behind on any scale. This giant has done just that! From its inception as an online bookstore, today they are commonly known as the online “go-to” place for just about anything in the marketplace.

   Beyond the seemingly limitless source for books of all kinds, they are well diversified. From computer software, DVDs, CD’s, and music downloads from suppliers like iTunes and other MP3 downloads. This on-line shopping king delivers everything from footwear to apparel, and from toys to food, furniture, dishwashers, baby diapers, golf carts, and just about any other item made available online today. They run the gambit for providing anything and everything their customers are looking for.  

    Now closing in on its 19th Anniversary, you can say there’s nothing small, average, or common about a company that started out selling books online. At a time when people could simply go directly to a bookstore to buy, so said the critics of the day, amazon has become the business model from which most nearly every competitor builds from. Can there be anything small or average said about the man who started all of this from a two-car garage? 

   Rumor has it that, while on the long road out, shortly after choosing to leave New York for the Great Northwest in Bellevue, Washington, Jeff Bezos took the time to write the company’s business plan. With such innovations like the Kindle Fire and others, the sky has shown no limits for this online GIANT!

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