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   ERA Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitors should not be taken lightly. Statistics show there are over 10,000 infants and toddlers injured in crib and playpen injuries each year.

    Most injuries occurred among toddlers between ages 1 and 2 from falling. At this age, that is about the time they are able to climb up and over crib and playpen rails1. That is just one startling statistic. The fact is, there are plenty of ways a baby or small toddler could end up in the Emergency Room. Plenty of reports are available on the topic. But that is for another article. This blog is about monitoring the baby’s room while away from the crib in the next room. Keeping a vigilant eye on your priceless little gift is…well…priceless!

    You can do much more knowing your baby is safe without disturbing your busy schedule. Audio and video monitors are great tools created for such a task. There are plenty of online outlets that carry a wide selection of baby monitors to choose from. A great selection of the specific monitors can be found at great savings at ShopTronics.

    Baby monitor prices can vary anywhere from less than $50 for an audio only system (Levana LV-TW100 Wireless Portable Audio Baby Monitor) up to a few hundred dollars. As with anything, it all comes down to features and quality of the product you purchase. When it comes to your baby’s safety, both features and quality play a bigger role than…let’s say your headphones or MP3 player might.

    Features like high quality video, clear and audible audio, and durability should be priority. In the over-all picture, reliability is the most critical feature. If it’s not reliable, then the features the product boasts simply don’t matter.

  Baby Monitors -Levana ERA Digital Video Baby Monitors Regardless of the debate over which baby monitors are better than the other, audio & video enhanced baby monitors give you the peace of mind knowing your child is safe without having to run between rooms to check. An ideal monitoring system would be more on par with the Levana Digital Video Wireless Baby Monitor w/ Talk to Baby Intercom and Remote Controlled Lullabies. One of many options offered by the ERA product line.

   Today’s technology has come a long way. ERA advancements in developing baby monitors separate itself from the competition. Without interruption, ERAaudio and video baby monitors provide crystal clear sound and picture day or night. With each system’s unique features, you’re able to monitor and control your baby’s safety and well-being. Thus enabling you with controlling your child’s environment.

    Unlike many monitors that work off an analog signal that can be intercepted and interfered with, the ERA product line utilize digital, providing 100% secure, private, and interference-free monitoring. In other words, no one else but you can view your baby! The company refers to this as ClearVu® technology. This provides outstanding precision and clarity from as far away as 500 feet.

    Situations change. What might have been enough at the onset of an earlier purchase may require something much different today and in the future. As your family grows, the ability to expand your baby monitoring system should also be a consideration. The ERA product line has taken this into consideration as well. By providing monitor systems with the built-in capacity to simply build onto what you originally purchased, there’s no concern of finding yourself limited to just the nursery or finding that your product has become obsolete. By adding accessories, you can develop your baby monitoring system. as you need to, throughout your home.

    These are but a few features and benefits the ERA product line of baby monitors have to offer. For a more detailed description, visit ShopTronics’ baby monitor site and consider which system is right for you.

Reference: [1] Lindsey Tanner, “Nearly 10,000 babies suffer crib injuries yearly” Associated Press in February 17, 2011. *Depending on monitor model

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