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    The Bedhead Pajamas label says MADE IN AMERICA! BedHead Pajamas is the maker of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and anniversary gifts that keep on giving the entire year! BedHead is always received with delight by those who get to snuggle up and feel relaxed in dreamy comfort.

   From children to men, and from women to maternity, BedHead Pajamas deliver the highest of quality and affordability. What really sets them apart is Owner and designer, Renee Claire, who personally designs the majority of the exclusive BedHead lineup.

   Based in Los Angeles, California since its beginning in 1999, BedHead pajamas cracked the market by specializing in couture lounge wear of cotton and flannel. In April, 2006, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ran an article by Elizabeth Blackwell of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. in which she named BedHead Best Overall pajamas.

The Perfect Fit For Anyone

   Men and women of all sizes will find their perfect, comfort fit. For the mommy-to-be, sleepwear has never looked better! From slender to plus size pajamas, robes, or slippers, BedHead pajamas is a specialist at providing sleepwear that is not only comfort fit, but elegant as well, ensuring dreams in luxury.

   Furthermore, BedHead Pajamas have been featured on Vicks’ DayQuil commercial with Olympic pro-snowboarder Lindsey Jackobellis as the spokesperson. Tagged “Vicks is a proud partner of the US Olympic Team” Jackobellis is wearing BedHeads. If you’ve seen a great pair of pajamas on your screen lately, chances are pretty good it’s a BedHead!

   First of all, BedHead has pajamas for everyone! Women, Men, children, and tweens have choices ranging from the Artist Series’ Zodiac Pajama, or the various seasonal collection series. Therefore, if cashmere grabs your fancy, check out the hoodie robes in grey, black, or red.

Accessories To Boot!

   You also have your choice of accessories and slippers that complement your BedHead pajama selections. From Pink Smoothie Booties to Latte Slipper Mules. Or maybe espresso is more your taste. Of course, you can always opt for a cool, fashionable hot water bottle dressed in Mink for evening leisure and relaxation.

    When it comes to children, BedHead Buddies offer the little person in the family what buddy dreams are made of. Baby pajamas are highlighted as well. All girl and boy sizes are showcased. And then there’s Mommy & Me! Where Mommy pajamas match the kid’s pajamas. As an added option, if the fabric is available, you can custom order any style of pajamas.

What About Shrinking?

   Finally, since all 100% cotton shrinks, BedHead has taken this into consideration in the production of all their patterns. They estimate that voile and cotton sateen shrink about 2-3%, with flannels shrinking about 5%. Allowing for these factors with extra strength on the sleeve and the pant in both fabrications, and washing only in cold water with a low heat dryer, BedHead pajamas stands behind their quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every product they offer.


   In conclusion, if it’s a gift idea and you know what your loved one likes, BedHead has you covered. BedHead PJs provide you with a BedHead custom designed gift box to seal the deal on presentation. If, however, you’re not sure the style or color, online gift certificates are always available to make it easy for them to choose from the wide array BedHead has to offer.

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