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BedHead Pajamas Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Promotion BeadHead Pajamas Pushes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

    Bedhead Pajamas is at it again, pushing Pink for breast cancer awareness! Every year during the month of October, BedHead PJs take part to help the push for breast cancer awareness by promoting selected pink pajamas. Fifteen percent of the proceeds from the BedHead pink collection goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

  From pink cotton to classic stretch pjs, your purchase from Bedhead Pajamas supports a great cause. On pink purchases made through October 31st, 15% of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! Check out the video!

    Breast Cancer Awareness can be researched from over 53,000,000 search results. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month started more than 25 years ago and has since become one of the most nationally recognized and most effective ways of promoting awareness issues about breast cancer today. Every October becomes the “event” dedicated to infusing dialogue on the issue of empowering women to taking charge of their own health.

   The Center For Disease Control and Prevention website is a great resource for breast cancer education and awareness. They inform both men and women in the privacy of their own home on sensitive issues like what to look for, what a mammogram is, where to go for screening, and how to lower the risk of breast cancer.

    Today, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an international health campaign organized by major cancer organizations to not only raise money for research, but to offer information and support to those affected by breast cancer during the month of October.

    Sleep comfy and cozy knowing you helped make someone’s life a bit more hopeful when you made bedtime even more special by joining in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Shop the October Pink Collection and go Pink for a great cause!

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