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Chocolate Delights -Springtime Delights_See's CandiesChocolate Delights Never Cease!

Chocolate delights have always been a favorite going back generations! Delicious chocolates have been the choice for virtually every occasion you could think of. The chocolate gift goes back years of putting smiles on family members, friends, and acquaintances celebrating any occasion.

   From business gifts to fund-raising, and from Christmas to graduation, See’s candies and chocolates have been there. Fudge, truffles, brittle, and lollipops, the choices among over a hundred different chocolate and non-chocolate selections cover just about anyone’s craving for that special tasty sweet thrill ride. Since November, 1921, when the first See’s Candy shop opened in Los Angeles, California, the tradition among American families has grown beyond what could have possibly been expected by the founder, Charlie See.

How It All Started

   Charlie began making the chocolate delights using his mother’s (Mary See) secret family chocolate recipes as a foundation for building the family business after coming to the states from Canada earlier that year. Mary See died in 1939 at the age of 85 years.

Chocolate Delights __Historical_See's Candies   The See’s tradition of delivering exceptional chocolates has never wavered from Charlie’s mother’s recipe. And the name has become almost synonymous with the American heritage of how families around the country celebrate special occasions like Easter, Birthdays, Christmas, or simply as a special offering to a special friend. These chocolate delights have been effective fundraisers for various non-profit organizations like both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, special school programs, and many others (too many to list), raising more than $80 million in profits for these groups.

Chocolate Giving

   Valentine’s Day has always been one of See’s biggest celebrations of the year. Without question, chocolate delights have always played at least the “safety valve” roll with guys who run out of ideas. Ideas as to what that special person would love the most. Or maybe it’s just the safety valve of last resort! When you’re hard-pressed to show that special person how you feel, chocolate delights make a great gift option.

   In conclusion, offering personalized gifts or quantity orders, these chocolate delights have served well for years. Business clients, fellow workers, and employees have been happy recipients. From assorted chocolate delights to gift baskets and packs, chocolate delivers a product that satisfies any recipient’s craving for sweets.


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