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Cloud based collaboration is reaching new heights! Why? Because it is what it is! It’s safe to say that cloud based collaboration is the newest way of co-authoring and sharing computer files. Typically referred to as cloud-computing, cloud based collaboration allows a user to upload computer files to a storage in the cloud where it can be easily accessed by someone else.

Cloud based collaboration does not require the end-user to have knowledge of either the configuration or physical location of the storage system itself. The term “collaboration” describes the ability for several workers to work simultaneously together on the same project. Hence, cloud based collaboration becomes most effective with companies that have contacts spread over vast geographical distances if not world-wide. However, today’s cloud based collaboration does have a few draw-backs. A few of the reasons for reluctance to use cloud collaboration on any level are;

  • Security and safety issues top the list of concerns. 
  • e-mail remains the most comfortable way of sharing personal files and information.
  • People do not have the personal incentive to change behavior patterns.
  • Teams that would like to use the software lack the team leadership at integrating team members into the system.
  • It is natural for people to resist sharing their knowledge with others whom they do not know.

So where do we go from here?

Text books are readily available by searching “cloud computing” or specific titles like Cloud Computing For Dummies or Collaboration with Cloud Computing.  Beyond that, finding a cloud storage software program or provider is the next challenge.
For personal storage, consider pCloud for making your file security simple. Highly efficient for both personal and business, pCloud makes collaborating with friends and business partners using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device simple.

Another great cloud collaborative system on the market comes from Nutcache. This system will manage projects with the only all-in-one project management solution. If you’re buried in time sheets, invoices and project profitability reports, this may be your solution!

Because Huddle is a leader in cloud-based productivity tools, it is the choice of over 100,000 businesses and government organizations. Huddle provides its service in over one hundred and eighty countries world-wide. They are the world’s leading cloud-based collaboration platform. Over 80% of the Fortune 500 trust Huddle!

With offices in London and San Francisco, Huddle is the cloud that offers you security during external access across the firewall. This platform is available on mobile apps like BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad. Huddle is available in 15 different languages including, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.

Offering Collaboration tools goes a long way!

As a result of implementing collaboration work space, you’ll experience a secure online space where you can connect with people, share information, and work better together. No matter what you need to share or manage, this platform enables you to work more efficiently individually or with groups of people.

With Huddle, you are able to create an account and instantly have a secure place to work online. You can store files, presentations, work videos, sync your calendar, import contacts, host meetings, share desktops, and so much more! This cloud-based collaboration allows you the ability to invite people into your work space and share, all while browsing the internet while at work. Huddle offers a Free Trial period without obligation. See how you could work better together.


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