Defraggler – Why Use It? Drive Life Extension!

Defraggler _Defragmentation _Piriform Defraggler Professional-screenDefraggler saves time, money, aggravation!

An effective Defraggler is essential in today’s high-tech device driven world.

Business success is becoming more dependent on reliable applications that actually perform what they claim. Productivity in today’s fast-paced business world relies on fast and responsive endpoints. Responsive endpoints mean saving you time, money, and aggravation. It also translates into extending drive life. Are you looking for a fast and effective way to increase productivity? Do you find that switching between applications isn’t as fast as it used to be?¬† The Defraggler Business Edition is a fast and effective tool to quickly restore endpoints to original operating speed. Even if a power failure was to occur during defragmentation, the Business Edition uses the same reading and writing files techniques used by Windows, making it a completely safe defragmenting process. From start to finish!

Return On Investment

When considering the return on investment of your existing hardware, there are a few things to consider:

  • What’s the cost of hardware, software, or other expenses like supplies?
  • Consider the time it will require for the improvement to pay for itself, and then ask yourself;
    • What’s the learning curve for learning an unfamiliar program or product if required?
    • What’s the cost of time involved for learning a new program or application?
  • Could it be more efficient to simply keep your present hardware in a state of good health?

Instead of continuing to pay for hardware upgrades or new endpoints that can bog down after just a few years or even months of arduous performance demands placed on the system, there is a better way. Increase your rate of return on your exiting hardware by simple and effective maintenance! The Piriform Defraggler is a fast and effective way to increase endpoint responsiveness and regain efficiency that businesses need in a fast-paced environment. Click on the screenshots below to enlarge the view. They provide in insight of what the Business Edition will do:

Defraggler in Action_Screenshot _Piriform

Above is the display screen that comes up on your pc while defragmenting your files

Defraggler _Settings Mode_ Set Schedule for Defragging _Periform Defraggler Professional

In the Schedule window, as shown in the screenshot above, you can set a periodic, regular task schedule for defragmenting your files

In Conclusion

If you realize the benefits of defragmenting your drivers, then you can understand the need for a defraggler like the Piriform Defraggler Business Edition. Unlike other programs, Defraggler will defragment the free space on a drive. Defragment your free space. Then, as you create them, your new files will be defragmented as well. By defragging free space, Defraggler provides a proactive solution and helps prevent fragmentation in the future.

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