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   According to the National Institutes of Health, over 60 million people in the United States were affected by some sort of digestive disorder in 2009. Over 245,000 of these cases resulted in death.

   Are you or someone you know suffering from a digestive disorder? It can be uncomfortable and inconvenient at best. very few people are aware that gastrointestinal ill-health can contribute to skin problems and decrease immune function. There are various colon care and cleansing supplements that can be of help at offering digestive disorder solutions. Sometimes a good colon cleansing may be in order. The newest term for dealing with a variety of health issues related to digestive disorder is probiotic, where a real solution can be found.

Simple Solutions

   Digestive disorders can be traced back to many possibilities among different people. An American Gastroenterological Association Fellow and professor of internal medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, Stephen Bickston believes that digestive disorder continues to place a “growing burden” on Americans, creating an unprecedented number of clinical visits and hospitalizations. But there are simple therapies for such conditions.

   First of all, changing your diet can be a major shift in combating digestive disorder with most anyone. Since diet intake can be the culprit to most digestive disorder patients, it is logical that food intake must be changed to eliminate repeating episodes. For a recurring and persistent digestive disorder, you may require antibiotics or other prescription medication. But there are plenty of natural, homeopathic approaches to help your fight against digestive challenges you may face. Natural remedies for dealing with issues like heartburn or acid reflux are readily available if you know where to look. But finding a more complete digestive disorder solution is more likely to encompass various challenges through a good probiotic product.

What To Look For

   Most importantly, there are many probiotic products available that just may be your answer to dealing with a digestive disorder. A good raw probiotic Colon Care product is always a great solution.They all work on the same principle as the pet probiotic your veterinarian might suggest for your dog. probiotic work to help colonize and increase healthy bacteria in the digestive system which are competing for the same food source as harmful bacteria. Healthy bacteria forces bad bacteria strains out of the digestive system. Consequently, most antibiotics kill off the bad as well as the good bacteria. There are over 500 strains of bacteria in a constant state of dying and replenishing. Achieving a balance favoring the healthy bacteria becomes the key to a healthy digestive system. A probiotic can help to achieve this balance.

   Probiotic bacteria will;

  • Produce hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid, and other compounds that naturally kill harmful bacteria. Your immune system in your small intestines makes up more than 70% of your overall immune system support. Therefore it’s imperative to support your digestive system. Probiotic bacteria offer such support.
  • Compete with harmful bacteria for nutrients, starving out the bad bacteria.
  • Producing short-chain fatty acids like propionate and acetate nourish the colon. People who experience digestive disorders usually lack these fatty acids.
  • Interfere with harmful bacteria binding to your intestinal mucosa.

   Good probiotic products labeled “Primadophilus” will most likely provide at least 10 strains of beneficial bacteria determined by research, lab-tested for purity and potency, and include a prebiotic that will both protect the bacteria from stomach acid and make sure of long-lasting implantation of the beneficial bacteria.

In Summary

   Finally, pay special attention to potency! Potency is the key to performance. It is the reason behind re-populating your intestinal system with a diverse selection of various probiotic (healthy) bacteria. In conclusion, bacteria that will consume and starve off bad bacteria creates a healthy digestive system. Plenty of watered-down probiotic products are out there. So be aware! A good book on the subject like Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Colon Care may be of some help to you as well. And since health issues are important to us, you can always find plenty of information on various issues on this site.

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