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Early Learning Curriculum for Kids -Moving Your Child AheadImplementing Early Learning Curriculum Offers Advantages

   In the age of high-tech, a good early learning curriculum for kids is essential if not critical to your child’s future. Success in life is never a guarantee for anyone!

   There are multiple variables that come along in life to challenge the soul in pursuit of excellence. It may be a field of study or a chosen profession, the roads less traveled are fewer and far between without exposing your child to a solid early learning curriculum at an early age.

   At a time when illiteracy is reaching new demographic high points, it becomes more critical than ever before to teach your child how to read, write, and speak with clarity and comprehension. A good early learning curriculum implemented at an early age can lay the foundation for your child’s future in ways that may not be so clearly defined today.

   Statistically, according to a 2009 research report by the Center for American Progress, 30 percent to as high as 60 percent of all freshmen require remediation as further preparation to getting through college level courses. This statistic accounts for about 31 percent of all students entering college who are not ready for college level work at all, with another 46 percent who are minimally ready (Improving Academic Preparation for College, Robin Chait and Andrea Venezia, 2009) .

   With the advent of the internet and all the high-tech gadgets and toys that seem to have followed, online and other early learning curriculum programs offering real substance have also become conveniently and easily accessible. What follows is a short list of just a few suggestions that may offer you the early learning curriculum you’ve been looking for:

  Early Learning Curriculum for Kids -VINCI Logo Vinci genius is an award-winning provider of technology-powered tablets and early learning curriculum for kids ranging from years 1 to 9. ViNCi is revolutionizing the way early childhood education is delivered by providing both educators and parents with effective early learning solutions for learning at school and at home. VINCI’s early learning curriculum is a good mix of interactive technology within a learning structure that translates into magic to children.

   ViNCi offers learning kits, learning toys, language DVD’s, accessories, and a full line of early learning devices like stand alone learning tablets or tablet and phone combo’s. The VINCI early learning curriculum for kids uses tools like YouTube, Google Play, Skype, and a VINCI exclusive kid’s library just to name a few.

 Early Learning Curriculum for Kids -Reading Eggs Reading Eggs is a fun online early learning curriculum focused primarily on reading with some math seeds as well. Reading is made not only interesting, but engaging by utilizing reading games and activities that could only be implemented through the creativity the internet provides.

   iPad and Android compatible, this early learning curriculum offers individual one-on-one lessons that allow the child to progress at their own rate. Reading Eggs integrates the joy that children discover working and playing on a computer with a core reading curriculum of phonics and sight wording using interactive animation, songs, fun games, and rewards to boot. Children ages 3 to 8 love it!

  Early Learning Curriculum for Kids -Hooked On Phonics Hooked On Phonics is most likely the better known than the previously fore-mentioned. Early learning curriculum for kids has been around for a long time and it could be said that Hooked On Phonics was a pioneer. One of the original home schooling go-to resources, Hooked on Phonics has built a reputation of utilizing a team of leading educators, award-winning authors and illustrators creating individual lessons lasting 20 minutes or less.

   Based on a simple learn-practice-read approach developed primarily for children ages 3 through 8, Hooked on Phonics addresses each stage of a child’s reading development. The developed techniques and approach are based on the research on how children learn to read.

Early Learning Curriculum for Kids-ABCmouse reading mouse   At ABCmouse.com children learn the important educational basics (the ABC’s) through the fun that comes to the typical preschooler playing with a computer mouse. This online early learning academy offers more than 3,000 books, games, songs, art activities, and puzzles each focusing on specific learning objectives. 

   Early childhood educational experts have collaborated closely with ABCmouse.com to produce what is today a highly comprehensive award-winning curriculum ideal for parents and their preschool through kindergarten children ages 2-6 years old.

   There are variables that should be considered before choosing an early learning curriculum over another. However, there’s no problem implementing more than one as long as each curriculum accomplishes what you need. Among consideration is the cost and how it may or may not be a fit for you or your child. Take the time to review each site and ask yourself if the site’s program is a good fit for you and your child. As we all know, without the time being spent with your child, making a purchase of any kind of educational program would be futile.

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