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Food storage is not a subject that takes up a lot of space in our mind-set today. We’re too busy to think about trivial things that are most likely not going to happen. Things like a sudden, unexpected emergency that has the potential to instantly change the way we live. Or an earth-shaking event that suddenly has the power over determining your survival or not.

It could be a natural disaster or something as trivial as a temporary job loss. It could be an accident to a family member that could set you behind on the ability to appropriately feed the family during the time of recovery. There are any number of potential situations that could suddenly make food gathering an unexpected challenge. And that challenge could last longer than expected.

Be Prepared

Preassembled survival kits are always a great safety net to have stored away in some convenient and accessible location. But they aren’t necessarily the end to all means.

How should you set up a food storage system? Should you store freeze-dried or dehydrated? What about nutritional benefits contained in the food storage supply of your choosing? Should that be a reason at all? How long should your food storage supply last? What about shelf-life of what you store away?

Not all emergency food providers are the same. You should compare providers with each other before you invest in any one product line. After all, food storage is an investment or a hedge against the unexpected. You don’t plan to buy freeze-dried or dehydrated foods as part of your daily nutritional intake. It’s most likely going to end up being stored away over several months before you even think about checking up on it.

Price is a factor! Without considering what a good food storage program will cost you, your money could literally be flushed down the drain. Most product shelf life is only for a few months. While the better food storage products have a 5 to 10 year shelf life. But not all food storage products are alike. The better distributors offer up to a 25 year shelf life on emergency food supplies. Obviously, the longer the shelf life of your storage supply, the longer your dollar will go.


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