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    So you’re surfing the net, looking for gift ideas for him, for your favorite (or maybe not so favorite) guy! You want to dazzle him with something he wouldn’t expect to get from a girl like you. But then, we guys know girls just don’t think how we think! There’s no possible way a guy is going to get what he really wants (as a present, I mean) from a girl who, well, thinks like a girl.

   Now being a guy, I’m no expert on what a woman thinks. Or how she gets to thinking about what she’s thinking. From my experience, when I try to figure it out, I end up in real trouble. So I’m not going there (if she reads this)! But from a guy’s perspective, I want to give you an idea of what a guy might really want (aside from that “other” thing, of course) as a gift that just might turn heads! Here are a few suggestions:

Before anything else, us guys love to see our babe looking hot! So consider dressing up in something that will just about floor him. But before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on that ideal dream appearance, consider that red-hot Valentine’s Day look from Rent the Runway! True, it may not be Valentine’s Day, but for a fraction of what a hot little dress could cost retail, you can rent it for a fraction. But the dividends that moment will pay is priceless!

Gift Ideas For Him _Wheel of Fortune_Edible Gifts    Let’s start with the sweet stuff! Show that special guy how much you care with a custom edible gift that’s bound to keep him thinking of you. The way to a guy’s heart is….well….ah….maybe not.

   Let’s say that your guy is all about the food. In this scenario, maybe a gift basket is in order. Great Gifts for Him can be customized to fit his reputation, or you can select from an assortment of selected theme baskets. Another great set of selections can be found among choices of romantic gift baskets and other specialty themes as well.

    At Brookstone there’s no option of selecting a so-so gift! You just hit the mother lode of the guy’s place for covering practically any gift giving occasion. From electronics to bar accessories, and from hammocks to yard games, the options for finding that perfect gift for him are endless!  

    There isn’t a “real” guy out there who doesn’t love creative technology. ShopTronics is a great place to start! You can find great deals on items in nearly every category of tech toys that are heavily discounted (anywhere from 25%-60%) for a given week. Check out the entire site by simply clicking on a category of choice.

   A new software is always among great gift ideas for him. For guys, it can turn into a self-entertaining game to get it up and running. And then the real fun begins when implementing its program. In today’s high-tech world, there isn’t a guy out there that isn’t in need of the latest software that does whatever it is he wants it to do! That’s where Wondershare comes in. You can read the review on the details of what this software developer has to offer.

   If photography is his game, great software and photography equipment gift ideas for him can be found on two great sites at great prices:

  • Focalprice is a great resource for finding great prices on cameras & camcorders, digital cameras, flash lenses, batteries, and just about any other accessory any photographer would want. This site is also a go-to place for other items like smart phones, all kinds of electronic gadgets, and other great gift ideas for him.

Gift Ideas for Him -VenueKings NBA Tickets   What guy wouldn’t love concert tickets or sporting event tickets to Major League Baseball, National Football, or National Hockey League games? VenueKings is a one-stop online ticket vending machine from where you simply search for your choice of concert, sporting event, or even theatre tickets. Without question, this is one gift idea that stands at the top of great gift ideas for him!

   Granted, most guys have a tough enough time trying to talk straight with his gal. But helping him to expand his language barriers could be a productive way at getting him to learn to listen….to you! So here’s a nontraditional thought for a gift idea: give the gift of learning a new language! Pimsleur Language Learning, the world leader in audio-based learning is available in a variety of formats. These include CD and MP3. German, Spanish, Italian and French are available in fully portable inter-active software for Mac, PC, and NOOK compatible. Consider adding this to your list of great gift ideas for him.

  A good inspiring book may or may not have crossed your mind. But then maybe he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend reading a great novel. Simple Truths offers inspirational motivational books that speak to the heart Gift ideas-For-Him -simple truths and motivate you to achieve your best. Gift ideas for him from Simple Truths could change the course of his life! To get a feel of what they are all about, watch this short movie, The Best Way Out Is Always Through. One of many movies included as a free DVD accompanying every book purchase with the same title {full Review}.

   If you want to shop men’s fragrances without limits, and at price cuts up to 80% off, check out men’s deals at Filthy Fragrance! PACO RABANNE, ANTONIO BANDERA, ARMANI, PERRY ELLIS, CALVIN KLIEN, ADAM LEVINE and many more designer names to choose from with prices ranging between $15 to over $100.

   Men’s Jewelry is always a great gift for him if you find what you’re looking for! A great start is exploring the latest styles and designs from Effy’s Men’s Jewelry Collection. This world-renowned designer offering unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

   Men’s bling can’t be overstated! From Cufflinks to designer watches, fine jewelry will put the romantic touch to your gift. For a more contemporary look, take a look at what FORZIERI’s Men’s Bracelet Jewelry selection has to offer! But don’t stop at the bracelets! They have an entire line of jewelry for men!

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