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Grammarly Free Trial - Grammarly Grammarly Free Trial Offer Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

    Grammarly has an established foundation of over 10 million unique visitors annually. The user numbers continue to grow by word of mouth, online customer acquisition, and direct sales to educational institutions, government entities, and corporations.

    Catching many errors that competitive products miss is vital to instilling confidence in writing. Grammarly is the world’s most correct grammar checker – and it’s free! Driven by an industry leading technical team composed of successful entrepreneurs and operators in the field of educational technology and consumer internet domains, Grammarly is trusted by over 4,000,000 people representing hundreds of Universities worldwide, including institutions like U.C. Irvine, Franklin University, and Arizona State University to name a few. They have been openly endorsed by hundreds of prestigious Universities like Princeton University, University of South Florida, University of Virginia, and more.

    With offices established in both San Francisco and Kyiv, Ukraine, Grammarly truly covers the globe with the world’s best proofreading, punctuation, and spelling tools while leading the way at preventing what is today the greatest concern of all: plagiarism.

   Over 150 types of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors are identified. Grammarly’s checking system essentially enhances vocabulary usage with context-optimized suggestions. This core system checks for originality and generates citations to help avoid plagiarism. As of the date of this writing, the recorded number of documents Grammarly has improved is quickly closing in on nearly 5 million.

    Based on advanced, patent-pending algorithms and cloud-based processing infrastructure, Grammarly provides an integral service for mistake-free writing. Millions of bloggers, job seekers, business owners, copy writers, consultants, *ESL learners, and students are finding Grammarly more attractive than ever. As a solution to the ever-pressing problem of poor writing skills, in a way that allows for a “learning” opportunity, Grammarly delivers!

    By providing free on site services like a Q&A site for English grammar usage, a free explanation of grammar rules handbook, and a contextual thesaurus, the writer enters a learning session of its own. A variety of formats like MS Office plug-in, browser plug-in, an online editor, and API are available. This translates into overcoming writing-related challenges faced in a person’s academic or professional life.

    For the student: This could translate into passing in-classroom written exams. For the user out in the work force, it could mean the difference between securing that new job or the available promotion. In the bigger picture, overall confidence and a healthier self-esteem prevails. For a free trial test, use Grammarly’s Free Plagiarism checker! Check your papers for plagiarism and correct grammar errors now!

*English as Second Language



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