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    HårVokse™ is a clinically proven (and backed by medical professionals) hair loss restoration product developed for both men and women. Hair loss is on the rise! Why?

     The product, HårVokse itself directly addresses 5 most common reasons for why men and women experience hair loss. But what sets this product above the field, it’s entirely from NATURAL products consisting of vitamins and marine protein. 

     With an ever-increasing number of hair loss restoration products making big claims they can’t back up, it is important to use one that actually works and is safe to use. A product that doesn’t leave you with a head of hair that looks like it came out of a can. 

     HårVokseis medically backed as safe to use. Formulated with clinically proven all natural ingredients, HårVokse has already been proven effective in clinical studies showing significant re-growth in 90% of participants who reported experiencing a 62% average of hair re-growth.

     So what causes hair loss? Although you could get into an endless discussion over this sometimes uncomfortable topic, there are but a few scientifically proven reasons, and several more old wives tales. But HårVokse is a company that promotes a hair growth product based on the scientific evidence.

     DHT is a hormone directly related to testosterone levels. It is also directly affected by the same testosterone levels in the bloodstream. It has been established that DHT plays a major cause in hair loss. DHT blocks the growth of hair in men, thus resulting in most baldness. DHT, a male hormone, is found in small amounts in the female bloodstream. So let’s talk Genetics!

     The dinner table discussions addressing the cause of hair loss nearly always includes the issue of genetics. Simply, it does, in fact, play a significant role in hair loss particularly among men. Although genetics is not considered to be the major reason, it is a contributing one. Whether it comes from the mother’s side or the father’s, it is unclear as to the child’s predisposition to a greater risk of hair loss or not. However, when hair loss can be traced back a few generations, it can be assumed it is both genetics and hormones known as Androgenetics Alopecia, an extremely common hair loss disorder.

     Poor blood circulation contributes to hair loss. Studies show the blood flow to the scalp was much lower among both men and women experiencing hair loss than among men and women who did not. Atmospheric pollutants have also been determined as a culprit to hair loss. Environmental pollutants contribute to the production of “environmental hormones” which has shown to contribute to hair loss.

     So what’s the solution to hair loss restoration? When the underlying common theme of what causes hair loss comes down to matters such as pollution, hormonal affects, and blood circulation, it could simply be a personal health issue solution. Hair follicles affected by hormonal “clogging” agents are more likely to experience an unhealthy growth cycle. Poor blood circulation is known to affect the nutrient flow throughout your body as well, thus contributing to a lack of nutrition when compared to someone with a healthier blood circulatory system. After all, as goes your blood flow, so goes your body’s health.

      Advanced Health’s HårVokse™ arrests and prevents hair loss by the Dual Action Hair Re-growth Solution in both men and women! This solution creates new growth while building thicker, shinier, more beautiful hair. Simply stated, this solution is a supplement that stimulates hair re-growth. Hair loss restoration is now a reality!


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