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  iPhone Data Recovery _Wondershare _Nightmare Cure_drfone-ios iPhone Data Recovery Worries Are Over

  iPhone Data Recovery for personal users is finally a reality! Yes, it’s the world’s First! Take advantage of the free trial download for the Windows or Mac to see it for yourself!

   From the same developer that brought you data recovery of your lost photos, videos and audio files from your Android, Wondershare, a pioneer when it comes to software innovation, has released the world’s first iPad, iPod, and iPhone data recovery software developed specifically with the personal user in mind. Now with iPhone data recovery known as Dr. Fone, you can resurrect those lost files you thought to be dead and gone forever. 

     Warning! TO ENSURE YOU HAVE THE ACTUAL SOFTWARE in its entirety, DO NOT download this valuable software from anywhere other than the Wondershare Official Website! icon

     Supported by Windows and Mac, now you can recover up to seven types of deleted data directly from your iPhone 4S/5.

The short list includes: iPhone Data Recovery -Dr. Fone Windows Software Packaging Box

  • Notes
  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • Lost data from your iTunes backup due to factory restore, iOS upgrade, jailbreak or lost device. Even if you get the “broken device” or the “forgot password” locked screen, “access denied” or most any other dreaded notice.

    iPhone Data Recovery -Wondershare Data-Recovery

    When it comes to any of your iOS devices like iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 4G, or your iPad 1, you can now experience iPhone data recovery for twelve file formats. To name a few of the formats, these include:

    iPhone Data Recovery -Dr. Fone -iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

    • Safari bookmark
    • Voice memos
    • Contacts
    • Messages
    • Camera Roll Photos and Videos
    • Photo Stream

        Let’s admit that mistakes happen! Sure, we’d like to think of ourselves as a tech master. But it’s simply all too easy to make that mistake of errant data deletes we had every intention of saving. This Windows or Mac desktop software Wondershare has so aptly named Dr. Fone can do the iPhone data recovery surgery necessary to rescue your data directly from most iOS devices.

         In the unfortunate case you may have lost your device, Wondershare’s iPhone data recovery can retrieve and recover your data from an iTunes backup. The iPhone data recovery software walks you through the setup.

    iPhone Data Recovery -Dr. Fone -Preview What You Lost Before Recovery      Strictly using your present iTunes backup capability does not give you access to the entire backup file. Unlike accessing your files through iTunes backup, the Wondershare iPhone data recovery software gives you access to the entire backup file. This allows you to select which files you want to recover and which files you want to discard. And you choose the specific files within the backup you want to recover.

         This iPhone data recovery software can be considered to be a bit pricy. On the other hand, erroneously deleted files that cannot be duplicated can be highly frustrating. If not traumatic in its own sense of the word. Having the ability to recall an arrant deleted photo capturing a precious time or a video recording of a once in a lifetime experience can be priceless!

    It is difficult to find any software out there that can do nearly as well. Let alone anything at all for personal i-devices.

         For the skeptics, download it for Windows or Mac and let the FREE TRIAL convince you. But only from the Wondershare Official Website to make sure you are getting the pure, original software!

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