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     Microsoft Word courses are available online!  Now available through ed2go, an online continuing education course provider.

Microsoft Word has been one of the fastest evolution software products on the market today. But it’s not because of anything negative. It’s more about Microsoft continually creating better programs. And if that means evolving one of the most relied on programs ever developed, then so be it! And with Intro to Microsoft Word 2010  among the most popular ed2go courses, more Microsoft Word courses are bound to soon follow.

     For both the new and experienced Word user alike, the evolution of it can be mind-boggling. Since the release of Word 1.0 back in late 1983, this software has been through several major face-lifts to get to where it is today. And the latest version is certainly something to behold. But usually, the average student, if not the typical user, can sure use a little refreshing on Word features and benefits. That’s where ed2go online can help. Microsoft Word courses can eliminate a lot of confusion and frustration we’ve all had during our own discoveries of the ins-and-outs of what Word has to offer. It’s another story about learning to utilize it all.

What You’ll Learn

    Are you familiar with any version of Word? If not, online courses offered through ed2go will guide you on how to create a document, type, edit, and format your text using various fonts and colors, and add pictures to pages. By the time you complete any course, you will have mastered the program’s interface in the first lesson. You will be completely comfortable using the multiple features Word offers for creating documents or for simply writing a letter.

A Leader In The Field

     One of the world’s leading higher education publishers, Cengage Learning is committed to publishing highly customized learning solutions. Solutions for both professional organizations and academic institutions worldwide. With core values of integrity, respect, and commitment, Cengage Learning continues to provide worldwide library markets, academic and professional organizations alike with innovative teaching, learning, and research solutions. ed2go is a critical part of Cengage Learning delivering online courses you can take from the comfort of your own home or office on the schedule that is most convenient for you. To find out more about ed2go, you can read a full review.

     All ed2go Microsoft courses online provide lively discussions among fellow students and equips you with practical information for your immediate use. With hundreds of online courses to choose from, ed2go is the leader in continuing education. Online courses through ed2go are offered through a network of over 2,100 Colleges and Universities. Over 2 million satisfied students have taken an ed2go course and twenty to thirty thousand students enroll every month.That alone says a lot!

Microsoft Word Courses -ed2go

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