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    This Online learning center directory offers today’s students a localized site from where to keep informed of various online learning options. Some are controversial, others are not so main stream. But these services are out there. We feel it’s important to at least bring them to your attention.

    Shopper’s Briefer will continue to add services applicable to assisting students along the path of learning. Subjects like Introduction to Chemistry or Learning French are available. Life topics like Managing Life as a Single Parent can easily be accessed.

    Even if you’re not really looking to pursue core study courses, there are always plenty of learning opportunities. Subjects that can enrich your life in simple ways. This online learning center directs you to various course categories. Subjects like how to Start Your Own Edible Garden can change a lifestyle. Getting a grammar refresher or stepping out to an Introduction to Guitar can be enlightening. Many other courses like these are but a glimpse of what’s available at the click of a mouse today.

    Background information on programs like Reading Eggs, ed2go, and Pemsleur are just a few that are available on Shopper’s briefer. Are you searching for help with your Admissions Essay? We’ve got you covered there as well!

    Distant learning has never been easier to get access to. Finding the latest Adobe Press eBook Deal of the Week, or Microsoft Press Store publications are but a click away. Topics on business, finance, or marketing publications are easy to find. Creative technologies and topics via video can be highly beneficial as well.

    This learning center resource offers you direction in exploring various options you may not have previously considered. Grammarly is an automated online writing app that helps develop grammar skills as you write. The technique is not new. But it’s amazing how many students are unaware of such applications.

    Online learning opportunities are not just for adults. Kids can learn from online courses and apps as well. Teaching resources are also available to help with the task. Learning toys for kids are a great way to introduce your child to a new and fun experience. Building blocks like Lego are a great example of how toys can be a learning tool. Finally, this category is continually expanding. So check back for the latest updates.

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