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    ooVoo Skype Alternative is here! Are you looking to hang out with friends on the go wherever you are? Android or iPhone, PC or MAC, catch up and hang out with High Definition Video Chat on the go with the ooVoo Skype alternative. When asked, 8 out of 10 Skype users prefer ooVoo. Preferred video, preferred sound, preferred overall! In fact, Facebook lists ooVoo among its Top Ten Apps!

      Wouldn’t we all rather see the other person’s face without watching lips moving and hearing words sadly lagging behind during a “video” conference? Wouldn’t you rather experience high-resolution video while chatting about the next business deal with up to six of your best buds? And with high sound quality to match? No more lip synch issues! No more audio fading! No more missing or misunderstanding that one important word that would have made that whole video conversation turn out differently!

        With the latest 2011 release of their 12-way FREE FOREVER download  you can change all that instantly. But don’t think for a moment that 6 Person Video Calling is the limit. In fact, this ooVoo Skype alternative offers cloud-based technology that allows up to twelve users simultaneously.

  ooVoo skype alternative -HD-Screens     Creating more than 40 million users on every major platform worldwide with more than 65% of users under 25 years of age, 50% are hanging out daily with friends on this ooVoo Skype alternative.

      Landlines or mobile, the highest sound and video quality is what sets ooVoo Skype alternative apart from the rest of the field. With proven social video chat performance across Web, PC, iOS, and Android platforms, PCMag.com awarded their Android Mobile App “Best of the Year” for 2011. Great for families sticking together while on the go!

      As CEO Philippe Schwartz put it, “ooVoo’s free multi-person video chat service is growing exponentially reaching more people across every platform, creating the perfect destination to do things like hang out with friends, connect with family and conduct meetings of all kinds.” 

ooVoo Skype Alternative -mobile voice chat -android

      Innovation and creative marketing is a thing of habit with  creating this ooVoo skype alternative. They provide warnings about performance and usage, a connection speed display, and real-time comments. June 1, 2011, ushered the  first announcement that social video chat had officially gone live across every major platform on the heels of their FREE video chat service for iPhones, iPod Touch, iPad, and iOS platforms, becoming one of iTune’s Top 10 Apps.

      In August, 2011, they announced the release of their new SMACK TALK that brought NFL Sportscaster Chris Collinsworth and fans together for the ultimate 12 –way fantasy football and social chat experience.

     In March, 2012, they stepped it up once more when they teamed with Universal Pictures promoting the upcoming comedy, AMERICAN REUNION, by hosting its first live celebrity groups chat with the movie’s lead actors.

    ooVoo Skype Alternative -TextChat    Joined by five fans in a real-time live broadcast group chat, the ooVoo skype alternative became the first video  chat service using advertising supported medium to connect brands with consumers.

     Not to be outdone any time soon, ooVoo partnered with VIZIO, Inc. offering exclusive access to some of the world’s best DJs and bands.

     KROQ Coachella House, where chatting with live recording artists, band members, and any other character “types” you might find, made live chat a reality during a two-weekend festival that started April 13th. Again, connecting brands with the (consumer) audience.

ooVoo Skype Alternative -social networks -facebook

      The video chat world is turning on its traditional head as  users are transforming video chat into a new social experience. Today, ooVoo’s own internal research shows that 44% of users watch or plan to watch television with someone while ooVooing. Another 30% use  is for You Tube video sharing, while 70% of their Facebook fans claim to meet new people via the ooVoo network. With so much momentum, it seems unstoppable, unavoidable, establishing the new term ooVooing.

     Known for creating a way for life to be lived spontaneously, without question, since its prize-winning PC Magazine’s Software Innovation Best in Show for 2007, there is little doubt they will remain a leader in not only the video chat world, but in the world of consumer electronics entertainment in general.

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