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    Established on simplicity,* OptionBit offers both the beginner and the seasoned trader a platform from which simplicity is king! Binary options are experiencing an enormous surge in popularity in just over the last year and has become a strong option for establishing a passive income from home.

    The established trader as well as the novice alike experience simplicity and fast turn-around, not to mention managed risk with binary options. When stacked up against volatility of traditional market trading in today’s economy and an ever-increasing trend for home-based income opportunities, OptionBit is one opportunity that can’t be ignored. These are but a few reasons making binary option trading look very appealing.

    I would emphasize this site more for the beginner. For the trader with a savvy background, I would point to 24option.com. Nearly all binary trading platforms claim to be for the beginner. But OptionBit has a lower entry of $100 on deposit to start trading. Other binary platforms require $250 minimum. It simply comes down to how much you’re willing to initially risk as a new binary trader.

    Whether a beginner or seasoned professional, the OptionBit platform is designed for the appeal of traders. Offering the simple functionality any trader would be looking for, binary trading using OptionBit’s platform can’t get any easier. Binary options, by their very structure, is about simplicity. Simplicity is one of the biggest draws to traders on any level. Binary trading is done exclusively over the internet. That is why OptionBit provides the tools and functionality that makes trading easy. Would you like to cash in on the rising oil prices? You can with OptionBit! You can view an Interactive demonstration of the OptionBit platform at work. If you’re not quite convinced, review a real-time Trade Example.

    “Flexibility” is a key attraction to binary options. OptionBit offers a full menu of binary options ranging from commodities to currency pairs, and from stocks to indices. But unlike the competition, if you live within the United States, OptionBit limits your binary trading to stocks only.

    Establishing themselves as an innovator in the type of binary options offered, OptionBit not only features the widely known above/below option, but touch and spread options as well. These added options broaden the potential customer base for the opportunity of finding something they will enjoy.

    With the drive of innovating in the field of binary trading, OptionBit clients will always discover new and exciting tools at their disposal. Tools they haven’t seen elsewhere. By providing the most versatile, robust, and most visually appealing platform from which to trade, OptionBit sets itself apart from the competition. A strong OptionBit extended community available to help traders at any level solidifies support among their clients.

    To get you started, OptionBit has put together simple steps offering binary e-Course through a OptionBit e-book download [1] and binary tutorials explaining how to trade binary options, all of which are FREE. The tutorials can be accessed any time, while the e-book download is available once you have Registered with OptionBit. These training tools are made available to help new traders get started immediately and teach traders how to realize high returns on their binary option trades.

    OptionBit periodically offers special promotions although it would be wise to consider the fact that any promotional value is not with-drawable without limitations. You can withdraw the value of your original deposit so long as it is on a growth or positive balance. But the promotional part must grow at a stated value before it can be accessed. At the time of this writing, depositing $200 into your binary trading account would give you a 30% bonus. Depositing $500 would net you a 40% bonus, and a 50% bonus would be on a $1,000 deposit.

    With a bonus on your account, if you so choose to accept it, you need to first generate a volume of at least 15 times the amount of the bonus before requesting a withdrawal. If you deposited $200 and received a 30% bonus of $60, you would need your account to reach a volume of $900 before taking a withdrawal. Withdrawals take between 5 and 12 business days by the time it is credited to the account you have directed OptionBit to deposit those funds. The point is, OptionBit makes it as safe and risk-free as possible for you to come aboard.

    For traders living within the United States, the downside with OptionBit is how withdrawal requests are processed. Prior to entering binary options trading, the principles behind OptionBit were connected to online casino and poker sites. Although not a problem in itself, since the U.S. government has locked down processing funds from off shore accounts into U.S. bank accounts, applying your withdrawal to a credit card or via wire transfer are nearly the only two options you have with OptionBit. These two options require a $250 minimum withdrawal to do so which is right in line with nearly every binary platform out there.

    Is there risk? Is binary trading worth it? In life, there are always risks. Binary trading is not for the ultra-conservative mindset individual who prefers a slow, steady income and feels safe with his money in a Credit Union or bank account at minimal interest. For those who are targeting a higher income, binary trading is well worth it. Higher returns and good risk management does require knowledge about the trade. Binary trading itself requires little preparation and offers a quick start with a low trading amount, offering high profit with a predictable risk.

    For beginners, find something you’re personally interested in like smart phones, PC’s, sporting goods, video games, or cars. Follow the news about companies like Samsung, Wii, or Volvo and trade on the news. Follow the Dow and S&P 500 Index and get a feel about where the market is going. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, THEN WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE! There is never the need to act irrationally or make any quick, indecisive decisions. Check yourself, and if you’re feeling any apprehension, DON’T DO IT!

    These are just ideas. You might have a better approach at it, but the more knowledge you gain about your binary trades, the better your predictable risk management skills will become. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments you might have on this subject.

[1] Released April, 2010

*Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a broker, nor claims to be. The information in the above review is from OptionBit, as well as from the author’s personal binary trading experience first-hand with OptionBit, and should serve for informative purposes only. The author shall not be held responsible for information presented here. No part of this review or analysis recommends the purchase or sale of a currency pair or any other financial instrument.


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