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   Before pajama videos were a thought, Renee Claire grew up in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada called Amherstburg. She spent time in the cold winters sewing clothes for herself in the basement, honing her sense of color, pattern and cloth that is the backdrop for today’s pajama videos. She had always dreamed of being a clothing designer, living the California lifestyle as seen in photographs and on television.

    In 1981, after college, Renee decided to load up her van with her few possessions and head to Los Angeles where she waited on tables. By night, she waited. By day, she designed her dress and outer-wear collection that have become the focus of pajama videos. In the late 90’s public interest in dresses declined and was replaced by sportswear.

   As Renee was delivering what she considered to possibly be her last collection of dresses to a local retailer, she saw a pair of pajamas in the window of the boutique. She thought “I could top that!” After scouring the marketplace, she quickly realized that the current pajama offerings lacked sophistication and fine tailoring. She quickly learned how to make her own colored and patterned cotton textiles. As a result, BedHead was born, and so were BedHead’s colorful pajama videos!

    Within three years the company was producing over 50,000 pairs of pajamas, all locally cut and sewn. Today, Bedhead has culminated into over 70 jobs and counting. The collection is in-house designed by Renee each season. BedHead is now sold in over 1,500 boutiques worldwide.

   Aside to becoming well-known among many celebrities, Bedhead is found in many department stores including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, and in the BedHead store in West Hollywood. But the easiest and most convenient place to find them is on the BedHead website from whence BedHead pajama videos have evolved.

    One of Renee’s most remarkable virtues is her commitment to quality wages for quality work. Whenever BedHead has a job opening, the position is posted with Esperanza, offering an excellent employment opportunity, superb working conditions, great wages and benefits. But BedHead also shares the wealth in other ways. Starting with a fundraising garden party in 2006, BedHead Pajamas, spearheaded by BedHead Pajama videos, has been donating a percentage of its proceeds to Esperanza Community Housing Corporation.

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