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  PayPal Merchant Services offers ideal financial transaction processing through a secure web site. Vital, if not critical, to any business! That is where PayPal merchant services excel in the marketplace. By protecting not only your business’ financial information, PayPal merchant services enhances added assurance that your customer’s personal  payment information remains “personal” and secure.

   PayPal Merchant Services strictly adhere to data protection standards set forth by both Cardholder Information Security Program [CISP) and the International Payment Card Industry (PCI) designed with protecting your business from fraud and data loss. With automatic fraud screening and their Seller Protection Policy, PayPal has established itself as a major game changer in credit card processing marketplace.

   With headquarters located in San José, California, PayPal got its start as a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay on October 3, 2002. Operating from eBay’s street address, PayPal was the parent company’s in-house e-commerce processor for on-line shoppers on eBay.

   Since then, PayPal has established significant operations in locations throughout the U.S. in such locations as Austin, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Omaha, Nebraska. They have processing centers in India, Dublin, Ireland, Tel Aviv, Israel, and just outside of Berlin, and exchanges 25 currencies to date.

   In 2007, PayPal began operating as a Luxembourg based bank to offer services across Europe. Most recently, in 2010, PayPal entered into an agreement with China’s bankcard association, China UnionPay, allowing Chinese consumers to use PayPal for online shopping. PayPal is truly a global payment service.

   From accepting credit cards on your website to swiping at the point-of-sale, PayPal merchant services makes it easy for both the merchant, and your customers. There is no gateway fee, setup or monthly fee to contend with. Nor does your customer need to open a PayPal account, enabling you to capture your share of the 230 million member accounts worldwide within one business day it takes to set up your merchant account.

   An independent study in 2010 by IPSOS side-by-side comparison of PayPal’s processing fees vs. other competitor’s fees among 88 randomly selected small and medium-sized businesses processing up to $15 million per year online reported that website sales increase by an average of 18% by simply adding the PayPal button to their site when using PayPal’s Express Checkout.

   PayPal merchant services stands behind their own service reputation as a merchant engaged in processing financial transactions with their own non-business owner customers. As a merchant’s processor, PayPal places that same secure system in force, so if it came to an issue of a legitimate dispute such as a payment refund, PayPal will step in for your business.

   PayPal’s own statistics show they hold 90 million PayPal active accounts. Accounts that have made at least one transaction within the most recent 12 month period. This fact is often overlooked by their critics who diligently work at getting a piece of the financial processing market themselves. To sign up or learn more, click Pay Pal!

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