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 Penny Auction With Beezid A Penny Auction Revolution is Here!

Any real, valid penny auction has it all! There’s daily deals, weekly deals, and “limited time” deals. And then there’s the penny auction deal! But with a penny auction deal, your savings is not found in the price offering from the merchant. It’s found in the price of your bid.

Buy it for what you want to pay! No more! No less! And with FREE shipping! It’s that simple. Well, maybe its not that simple. Like many online penny auction opportunities, what we’re talking about here is how Beezid created and built a dream; a real-time online penny auction that’s focused on the online shopper. And with Beezid, penny auctions have never been as exciting!

As incredible as it may seem, bidding for nearly any type of product you could imagine begins at $0! That’s right! Opening bids start at zero dollars and go up per-penny from there. Unlike sites like eBay, there’s no minimum bid threshold that must be met to actually win a penny auction bid. If no one else outbids your $0.01 bid, you win it! And with some auctions going out the door with free shipping on every item, that makes a true “penny auction” site.

Plenty Of Bargains To Be Had

For example, a McStar Tactical Back Pack with a retail value of $59 was sold to the highest bidder for $0.45! That’s right! Just forty-five cents! The same item sold for a winning bid of just .09 cents. The average selling price for this same item was $2.29! At the average winning bid price for this item, that’s still a savings of 96% off retail! A Boogie Board LCD writing tablet retailing for $49 was sold for $4.84 to a housewife and mother of three working from home.

A $25 Cracker Barrel Gift Card with a retail value of $40 sold for $4.55! A $50 Gift Card valued at $71 went for a mere $3.37! That’s a savings of nearly 95% off the full retail purchase value. These are not the unusual. In fact, they are more in line with typical penny auction winning bids.

Beezid is not the new guy on the block! The longest running alternative to penny auctions since 2009, they have outpaced the competition by living up to their commitment to every consumer who has ever attempted to make a bid on anything. When Beezid penny auction says they list new items every day, they list new items daily! If you join a free shipping auction, you get free shipping. When they say there is more item variety on the Beezid penny auction site than on any other auction site, there’s more item variety. With a promise of winning your first penny auction risk free, your bidding is risk free!

What’s The Catch?

There’s no catch or gotcha to speak of. To make bids, you first purchase a bid pack before you can bid. But if you prefer not to bid, you can go direct to the Beezid Store. The store allows you to buy items like you would anywhere else online, but at incredible savings!

However, let’s be real, here. You could call the purchase of a Bid Pack a fee. However, the price per bid is the reason for the outrageous discounts on items auctioned. One way or the other, you’ll get a great deal! But a hidden risk may be present! You could make a number of bids on things you don’t really intend to buy or never really wanted. But taking measures to limit such a scenario are available. You can also buy Bid Packs at auction as well.

In conclusion, I would simply suggest that you set a predetermined maximum bid for whatever it is you may be thinking about bidding for. Don’t cross that line! Decide beforehand what you are willing to risk from your bid pack account on any given item. Stay with it. For newbeez, limit yourself to the Risk Free penny auction!


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