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Prostate Health Solution -pollenProstate Health Solution Puts UniScience On Top

   For those who deal with its difficulties, there is no tolerance for the lack of a prostate health solution. For those battling the discomfort, a solution seems to evade its victims from experiencing a real prolonged state of health.

Along with scientific advancements, coupled with technological breakthroughs, a true prostate health solution is a reality! The Uniscience Group has created the perfect combination of nutritional supplement formulas to support youth and energy, men’s health, heart health, joint support, vision & hearing, healthy blood sugar, and much more!

   Due to the discovery of a rare and potent ingredient, a sustainable, risk-free prostate health solution is no longer a simple wish! No, it’s not the better known beta-sitesterol or saw palmetto you are more likely familiar with. It is a simple pollen extract from rye grass first discovered growing in a remote region of Northern Sweden. Scientific research technology developments have improved to the point that today an advanced extraction process keeps extracted Cernitin free of toxins while maintaining an exceptionally pure, potent product.

   Cernitin has been the subject of clinical research addressing conditions like liver support and immune function. But the bulk of the research has turned its focus on cernitin and its effect on prostatitis, a condition of chronic prostate inflammation unrelated to trauma, infection, or muscle strain. Cernitin has been used effectively in treating chronic prostatitis over several decades. [1]

   Cernitin G63 is the result of researchers developing a highly purified form of cernitin. The result has shown an incredible success rate in 96% of users for overcoming a number of prostate challenges faced by those who battle this internal struggle daily. With seemingly no sustainable prostate health solution treatment in sight, as difficult as it may initially seem, the discovery of Cernitin has turned prostate trouble on its head!

   Hydroxamic is a rare chemical known to promote healthy prostate cell growth. There are a number of study reports available on Hydroxamic acid inhibitors of prostate cancer cell growth. Cernitin G63 contains this chemical. What does that mean? Well, for starters, healthy prostate cell growth is critical in keeping hormone-like chemicals that contribute to prostate inflammatory reactions in check

   A Free Prostate Report from Dr. Blyweiss exposes this secret ingredient that has been successfully tested in more than 100 clinical trials. In the remote area of northern Sweden, scientists have discovered this rare natural powerhouse… an ingredient that virtually wipes out the pain, worry, and embarrassment of prostate trouble. Thousands of men report astonishing relief! And they did it without risk, embarrassment, or doctor’s visits! Prost-Xtra Plus, the Swedish Prostate Breakthrough, and 2 Free Men’s Health Guides can virtually change your outlook on life by improving your prostate health beyond what you may have previously imagined.

   You can get Uniscience’ Prost-Xtra Plus with Cernitin from various outlets. But to make sure yourself that you’re getting the purest form of the original product direct from the source,  go to Uniscience Group.



1. Denis, L. “Chronic Prostatitis.” Acta Urol Belg, 34:49-56, 1966.

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