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Quality Pearls Only _Carved Tahitian Pearl Pendant with .20 CT Diamond Exclusive Quality Pearls Only Are Found Here!

Quality Pearls offer savvy shoppers demanding ultimate quality with ultimate value a treasure to behold. Pearls that are normally difficult to find, even among the finest of jewelry retail stores or internet fine jewelers, can be found! This fact places quality pearls among the best gift ideas you could think of.

Not all pearls are created equal. If you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life, always looking for quality over just something “cheap” and full of compromise, You may have just found what you’re looking for! Quality Pearls set in quality jewelry settings are lacking by most pearl dealers you typically find! Quality pearls that are carefully hand selected among the finest quality pearls from Japanese pearl processors and pearl farms of China are exactly what you will find in this blog however!

Founded on the principles of providing top quality pearls without compromise, backed up with unmatched customer service, and leveraging today’s technology to maintain low prices, Pearls.com provides you with quality pearls that have become the standard of the industry.

Pearls are considered a prized possession since time can be remembered. History records the way quality pearls were merely thought of. The crown jewels nearly always contained pearls in the mix. You can find pearl legacy in mosaics, paintings, and sculptures. Nearly every culture throughout history has given place to adornment of quality pearls as a prized gem.

The cultured pearl is still the most sought after among pearls. Cultured pearls are actually naturally produced pearls within the oyster shell itself. But with a little added help from a skilled cultural specialist comes a more desirable, smoother shaped pearl. This process can be traced back to the 1300’s.

Akoya pearls were the first saltwater Quality Pearls Only _Golden South Sea Pearl Drops Necklaceround pearl to be successfully cultured. The Tahitian pearl is a European Imperial family favorite. The South Sea pearl is the rarest cultured pearl in the world. For those who prefer the freshwater pearl, they, too, are easily found available among top quality pearls.

Whereas the Akoya was the first round saltwater pearl to be cultured, it was the freshwater pearl that was the first to be successfully cultured of any pearl going back for more than 700 years. About the same time the Akoya was first cultured.

Quality pearls come in a variety of collection categories. Vintage style, baroque, and even carved pearl collections are among the most popular. Keshi and metallic pearls are also a prized keepsake. But let’s not overlook the multicolored pearls as a collection within itself. We could also consider brand new designs as a category since you are likely to find something not available anywhere else because it’s new!

Quality Pearls Only _Tahitian Pearl Ring in Sterling SilverBeyond these, you could also find pearls categorized under sets, pendants, or rings. They are each their own collection of jeweled pearl designer craftsmanship set apart as true quality pearls should be. Pearls can be classified by color as well. There are white, black, pink, and even lavender pearls, not to mention the Golden South Sea Pearls.

Let’s not forget that pearls are always classified by its origination of the pearl itself, like freshwater, Akoya, Hanadama, Tahitian, and white South Sea pearls. The rarest and largest of white cultured pearls. And the rarest among all quality pearls is the Golden South Sea Pearl.

The quality of customer service of any quality pearl jeweler is of utmost importance to those who purchase pearls that are truly fine quality. Whenever you are considering purchasing any jewelry whatsoever from a supplier, make sure you review the company’s guarantees, warranties, and service agreements.


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