Raspberry Ketone Lean X-treme  Raspberry Ketone Health Benefits Are Gravely Overlooked

     Raspberry Ketone is easily found in the online marketplace by simply searching on sites like Creative Bioscience, HerbsPro, or shopping your local health food store. Promoters boast this product controls appetite, burns fat and boosts your metabolism, but without the associated side effects produced by most diet pills you’ll find on the market today.

     The scary thing is, in a pharmaceutical crazed society, we continue to hear the nightmare of the delayed results of any number of fad diets offering quick fixes to those searching for that magical fountain of youth, the one pill or “zero calorie” magical “fix-it” meal without considering our anatomical make up and how our physical form functions. 

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   Research on 7-KETO done by the University of Wisconsin, Madison shows 7-KETO played a significant role at reducing tummy-fat simply by raising your metabolic resting rate through the DHEA natural process. Raspberry Ketone and 7-KETO are closely bonded to each other. It’s no surprise that Raspberry Ketone comes from the European red raspberry, one of the oldest known fruits to man. Because of its rich content of vitamins, minerals, sugars, and something called polyphenols, raspberries have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries as have its cousins, the blueberry  and strawberry.

    For the purpose of keeping this Raspberry Ketone -PRESCRIBED FOR LIFE information short and to the point, any  discussion involving polyphenols would be too lengthy and detailed without giving the  proper attention it deserves. However, I have included a link1 from which to start if you wish to get more information on this subject.

    A research paper entitled Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone summarizes the findings of multiple studies performed by multiple researchers directed by Chie Morimoto2  revealing an insight into the versatile health benefits of raspberry ketone.

   In one study, components of the raspberry were confirmed to show an inhibiting effect on tumor induction in lungs, liver, and the esophagus.3   Other studies specifically targeting body mass effects on mice demonstrated a healthier result with raspberry ketone introduction when compared without it.

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    The structure of Raspberry Ketone, identified as hydroxypheny butan-2-one; RK, an aromatic compound of the red raspberry (Rubus idaeus), is similar to compound structures [capsaicin and synephrine] known for anti-obese actions that alter the [lipid] metabolism and demonstrated as such in mice fed high-fat diets within variable study groups for various time periods. Raspberry Ketone was found to prevent both obesity and improve fatty liver in the mice study subjects.

     The ultimate conclusion in the report demonstrated the anti-obese functionality of raspberry ketone established by the effect that it stimulates the metabolism of white and brown adipose tissues while inhibiting absorption of dietary fat by suppressing pancreatic lipase activity in the small intestine. In terms that I understand, what it simply means is, studies show a significantly positive effect on controlling weight. If you wish to review the full report, it is made available here in pdf.


RESOURCES: [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyphenol [2] Chie Morimoto, Department of Medical Biochemistry, Ehime University School of Medicine, Shigenobu-cho, Onsen-gin, Ehime 791-0295, Japan, http://www.gracewellness.se/pdf/reducer/Life-Science-77-194-204.pdf  [3] (Ravai, 1996) Ravai, M., 1996. Quality characteristics of raspberries and blackberries. Cereal Foods World 41, 773–775

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