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    revplex is a subsidiary of Lourdes Nutraceuticals. As a site that emphasizes promoting all-natural organic beauty alternatives, we cannot leave revplex out of the conversation. It is a company that takes its name from the effective combinations of both nutrients and pharmaceuticals. The entire revplex cosmetic product line consist of only all-natural ingredients. Having said that, let me tell you about a natural alternative to skin care treatment.

    Located in Land O Lakes, Florida, USA, replex is a skin care company whose sole goal is to give customers and distribution partners the best quality product that can possibly be produced. Merging modern science with time-tested natural philosophy of wellness, LOURDES NUTRACEUTICALS, INC. markets this particular skin care line under the name revplex.  

   This is a company that believes the best products are those that actually solve problems effectively. When it comes to skin care, safety is not an easy task to bear. Nor is it easy to achieve. It’s a delicate balance between realizing safety joined with effective performance. It’s like the perfectly performing juggler whose instruments of trade happen to be the finest of delicate china. One missed step, and it can all shatter!

    Unfortunately, the driving force behind many cosmetic companies is to be more concerned about whether their product will even sell in the marketplace. The mantra becomes “It’s about the money stupid!” instead of health and safety issues. Such priorities result in the safety of their customer being sometimes forgotten. The one-time mishap is one-too-many for the customer who experiences it. That kind of company is more focused on the short-term gains than the long-term relationships with customers. They may have forgotten that customers are real people who have enough on their own plate than to have to deal with such fragile issues as their cosmetic product’s safety.

    By implementing the most advanced, cutting-edge combination of ingredients, revplex takes painstaking steps at ensuring their products are of the highest possible quality in both safety and performance. They verify in-house that each new product offered has been thoroughly and sufficiently vetted, proven to be both effective as the customer expects and safe for the customer’s use.

    Through the parent company Lourdes Nutraceuticals, Inc., revplex offers a line that is always expanding. They are focused on the latest cosmetic breakthroughs. Not only in development, but the ever-advancing technology that discovers such breakthroughs. Body and beauty care like cosmetic creams for skin care, preparation for eye lashes, and creams for skin renewal are but a brief list of what revplex is all about. Clinically proven cellulite and stretch mark cream, eyelash enhancement, under eye serum, skin lightened, and silicone scar gel is the makeup of a more specific product list.

   Meeting the worldwide growth in both demand and interest for natural alternative treatments, Lourdes Nutraceuticals is a leading manufacturer of health care products designed to fill the high expectations of an already satisfied customer base. An always-changing market, providing health care products that meet the worldwide enthusiasm for alternative, natural remedies can be taxing.

   Lourdes Nutraceuticals addresses the popular request for the revplex product availability online with shipping delivery made directly to the customer’s door while maintaining affordable pricing. By doing so, Lourdes Nutraceuticals believes they are enabling a loyal and growing group of customers to lead happier, healthier lives by using these effective, affordable, and inventive line of products composed of unique, proprietary blends and formulas that have proven results in thousands of customers worldwide.

    The company behind revplex believe they serve a customer base that is in tune with the human immune system’s natural ability to fight viruses and other illness and disease. Their products are often used jointly with traditional western medicine. But as more and more people became frustrated at medical treatments that fall short of patient expectations, demand and a growing popularity for alternative medicine was born.

    It is on this premise that Lourdes Nutraceuticals encourages the development of natural immune boosters and nutraceuticals [the name behind the meaning of the company]. Potent immune-boosting formulas are the result of combining safe, yet powerful, unique ingredients. Lourdes Nutraceuticals’ immune system support product line is promoted as an enhancement to the natural defense of the human body.

revplex -Clinically Tested, Proven.     Due in part to the rising cost of prescription drugs and physician fees, many of the company’s clients happened to have stumbled upon revplex products while searching for alternatives online. Lourdes Nutraceuticals makes online ordering of its clinically approved and medically tested formulas easy, private, and very affordable. Dedicated to natural remedies as this company is, they strive to the highest standards of the wellness movement which embraces the concept that effectively battling and preventing illness can be the result of naturally stimulating the body’s own defenses[1] .

    Lourdes Nutraceuticals lists every ingredient. You will find a plethora of natural ingredients that make up nearly every product they offer. However, it must be noted (almost common knowledge) as argued by those who prescribe to the use of natural alternatives, they are not regulated or tested as rigorously as are pharmaceutical drugs. Given that most health claims accompanying these types of products are supported by little if any research, any claims made by a product manufacturer should be researched on your own.



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