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   In my opinion, the most comfortable Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip holster cases are those that are designed with a streamline fit in mind. While it seems to be quite easy to find screen protectors for your newest smartphone, finding a dependable, durable, and solidly constructed shell and holster combination to protect your latest investment can be challenging.

   Today’s smartphone accessory markets produce some of the most reliable, durable, and dependable smartphone protective cases you’ll find just about anywhere. These days you can create your own case just the way you want it! If you’re looking for a solid hand-held protective case for your smartphone, you might be needing to search elsewhere. We’re talking “belt clip” protective cases. And on that product, there are a few Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip designed holster cases to choose from.

   listed more accurately as Shell Holster Combo Case, the design is exactly what any galaxy S5 owner who’s looking for a highly reliable belt clip system would want.

   The Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip hip-fit consists of a phone protective case that fits tightly like a second skin around your Samsung Galaxy S5. The protective “skin” casing slides snugly into the belt clip without any accessory outer clips to deal with. The phone simply slides vertically into and out of the belt clip. And while you’re on speaker, the sliding kick-stand allows you to stand the phone on its edge either horizontally or vertically.

   Protecting your latest consumer electronics toy is important. But forget about the over-priced, bulky hybrid belt clips being passed along to the unaware new galaxy S5 owner! The choices for Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip protection covers all aspects of the exposed outer skin of the phone.

  The various hybrid options are simply over priced. It seems that retailers today are more interested at selling you the higher priced product that gives them a higher profit margin than at providing you with the best options available…and at a lower price.

   Compared to the new hybrid case and belt clip combos pricing out at around $35 and up, this alternative Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip style can be had at a very low, reasonable price after including shipping. The streamline hip-fit design offers more protection to your Galaxy S5 than other options, giving you a bigger bang for your buck!

   The chance of finding these Shell Holster Combo Case designs at a retailer near you is a possibility. But what I found while searching the over-the-counter availability of various Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip styles were simply no real options to what I was looking for.

   For what you’ll pay when compared to the fat, bulky hybrid options, the snug hip-fit Samsung Galaxy S5 belt clip design gives you a sleek, slim, tight fitted protector that easily and securely slips into a belt clip that feels more like a thin envelope attached to your side. And of course, the “lifetime warranty” and stand-up kick-stand features offered by most manufacturers don’t hurt either!

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