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     Scorpions for Breakfast, Governor Janice K. Brewer’s new book released November 1, 2011, is stirring up the heat and getting things sizzling hot! The  greeting on the Mesa, Arizona tarmac didn’t go so well. Well, maybe for her book. It could have been the heat. Or it could have been the “heat” over her book that, according to its author, Governor Jan Brewer, is all about her personal battle with President Obama over securing our southern border where illegals continue to freely enter the U.S. 

   A quote from the Governor appearing on her facebook page: “My book, Scorpions for Breakfast describes my battle against an arrogant and arbitrary federal government that refuses to do its job.”

   The Governor wrote “We cannot sit by while our citizens are terrorized, robbed, and murdered by ruthless and desperate people who enter our country illegally”…quoting Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever’s testimony given before a Senate hearing about the murder of an Arizona rancher, Robert Krentz. Governor Brewer, along with many others, allege the rancher was murdered by an illegal alien along the U.S.-Mexico border.

A Quick Review

Scorpions For Breakfast -image -Brewer-Obama
Governor Brewer and the President exchange greetings in Mesa, AZ on January 26, 2012. The Governor’s book was the topic. Associated Press Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari,

   First of all, Scorpions for Breakfast make it clear that Robert Krentz’s murder was a driving force in the passage of SB 1070. The bill requires police in Arizona to question anyone suspected of being in the U.S. illegally about their immigration status. The Governor admits in her book she faced her own self-doubt during the passage of SB 1070 with so many opposing fronts bombarding her on the immigration issue.

   The Governor brings this out in Scorpions for Breakfast by writing “When you spend midnight to five o’clock in the morning reading nasty things about yourself, your husband, your children, and your friends, you begin to question your judgement.” She went on to quoting one of her political consultants, Chuck Coughlin, who told her “You know who these people are? They’re losers! The don’t have a life!”

   In conclusion, from what appears in the AP Photo, I suppose there could be a sequel. The understanding coming from various reports is that it was the President, himself, who brought up the discussion of her book (Source: Howard Fischer of Capital Media Services, posted January 26,  2012 ).

   Sales have skyrocketed since Wednesday’s January 26, 2012, meet on the  tarmac. You can get a copy of Governor Brewer’s book Here: “Scorpions for Breakfast”



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