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   ShareTrips is all about sharing the planning, sharing the trips, and then sharing the memories of sharing the planning. All from different PCs at different locations! Among our travel deal posts, ShareTrips story is unique.

   Are you looking to join up with your Valentine? Or how about meeting up with friends over President’s Day weekend? Enough can be said about planning that getaway over the 4th of July or the last splash summer vacation just before school starts back up. Let’s say you stumbled upon sites like Venue Kings or New York and unexpectedly picked up a pair of NHL tickets for you and dad or a Broadway play for Mom. But what about accommodations when you get there? 

   Share Trips travel screen sharing allows you to experience real-time screen sharing for making your travel plans. You can shop together and book that last-minute get together… uh, together! Or if you or your travel buddies) prefer, chat and shop by allowing your browser to use your camera and microphone. All you need to do is choose your audio, video or text preferences.

 ShareTrips -Mediterranean Inn near Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle, WA.  Share Trips allows you to select from today’s travel promotions and hook up with your travel companions while choosing the hot spot that’s right! Internationally or domestically, ShareTrips allows you to shop together with your travel partner by best value, pricing, or star ratings. By clicking photos, maps, or info links on the ShareTrips site located along the bottom of each individual hotel or resort listing, you and your friends gain a front row view of the interior and exterior aspects of the property, offering a great deal of information on its facilities.

   Location! Location! Location! It can be veryShareTrips -Kilmurry lodge Hotel , Ireland relative to other options for entertainment in and around the area. Map links give you clarity of the facility’s surroundings. Other bits of information that may be of interest is noted by following the info link on the site.

   You can search by city or country to pinpoint your most desirable destination. By entering the name of any specific city anywhere in the world, an endless array of available deals reveal themselves. Maybe you’re thinking of visiting another country. Once you enter a specific country in the search box, a selection of specific regions within that country will appear. Just click on your choices and zero in on creating your perfect paradise getaway!



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