VPN – Why You Should Use Virtual Private Network

VPN _HIDEme_icon_blueVPN Secures Your Data and Privacy!

VPN or Virtual Private Network is simply an extension of your own network across a public network (like the internet) or a private network (like a corporate intranet) except that it is private only to you!

A VPN allows for the user to connect to a proxy server in order to protect your location and personal identity. Using a VPN will help protect the user’s confidentiality, as well as the integrity of the message, detecting any instance of possible tampering with the original transmitted message. Unauthorized users cannot access the VPN without authentication of the sender, thereby protecting both the sender’s message and the recipient of the message.

It seems like “VPN” is becoming synonymous with “Very Private Now” as we realize that, well, we’re not keeping ourselves as private without it as we used to be. Did you know that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can sell your private data, to whomever they wish, without your consent? “ISP” no longer stands for what it was intended to stand for. Now you can interpret ISP as standing for “Invading Subscriber’s Privacy” or “Information Sold For Profit” or “In-Side Person”.

What’s At Risk?

This information includes;

  • Your Health information
  • Financial information
  • Your web browsing history
  • Information about your family members (i.e.your children)
  • Your geographical location

Let’s not overlook the more common issues that you need to protect. Things like your passwords, user names, or simply your personal identity. Recently, a prominent U.S. Intelligence official came out publicly and stated that there really is no real privacy in the United States any more. But as technology is developed to invade our privacy, there’s also technology that continues to be developed to help us protect our privacy. Technology like a Virtual Private Network can do just that!

Why Consider a VPN?

As primary users, corporations use VPNs to protect sensitive data. But corporate America seen as the primary users of VPNs is changing with anonymity and privacy issues affecting just about every person. At least everyone who uses a device that grants them access to the internet. Personal exposure is on the rise. Therefore, the desire to protect one’s privacy is moving to the forefront of every day life.

First of all, from a business standpoint, a VPN will allow you to:

  • Securely access your business files remotely
  • Send and receive data encrypted and secured
  • Eliminate leased lines and call-trafficking equipment expenses
  • Make your business instantly globalized

In addition, on a personal and family level, the benefits of implementing a Virtual Private Network are:

  • A VPN will secure your private data!
  • Virtual Private Networks allow you to watch content while protecting your privacy!
  • A VNP will allow you (and your children) to stream content like movies and music within a secured anonymous bubble!
  • You (and your children) are able to surf and browse privately and anonymously!

In conclusion, a VPN is essential if you are concerned about protecting data, personal information, family security, and anonymity. There’s a small price to pay these days for shielding our lives from those who may want to exploit it. But there’s potentially a greater price to pay if these issues are not addressed.

A free-lance writer, the author is an FAA Licensed Private Pilot. He received his first Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cal State University, Northridge. He was inducted into both the Golden Key International Honour Society and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society while pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Science at Utah Valley University. He’s a traveler and a consumer who enjoys fly fishing, cycling, sailing, snowboarding, and golf on any other day. His writing offers briefings, advisories, alerts, and checklists for online shoppers.

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