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    From Temecula, California comes ed2go. An online educational resource used by International Institute of Municipal Clerks, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District, Duluth (MN) Public Schools, and many other educational and professional institutions.

    The catalog offers over 340 online courses to choose from. That makes a list of nearly unlimited possibilities, offering something for everyone. In most instances, these online courses are available through your local college or University. As the company mantra goes, “its affordable learning that fits your schedule.”

    The industry leader in online learning for over ten years, ed2go provides affordable and easy to use online education courses through a network of over 2,100 recognized Colleges, Universities and other organizations that help meet professional goals or enrich the lives of the user in one capacity or another. With more than two million satisfied students having taken at least one course, and twenty to thirty thousand enrolling every month, it is no surprise to find how affordable and convenient ed2go is on schedules of the average student dealing with the everyday challenges of living life.

    The ed2go Course Catalog basically breaks down categories into four major areas; Career and Professional, Computers and Technology, Writing and Publishing, and Personal Development. From selecting an area of emphasis listed under the four fields of study, you are then able to narrow your broad category interest into a general, more specific subject of study. If you would prefer to view all courses offered from A to Z, that option is available to you as well.

    Before you even consider enrolling in an online course with them, they make available, as part of your own evaluation whether or not ed2go is right for you, to take a course demo lesson preview. Five courses to choose from for the sole purpose of an online live demo of what ed2go offers through their experience of providing online courses for over a decade. You are also invited to watch a very short video on ed2go as well. Make sure to click on the lower left corner “Play Movie” to actually activate the video during the intro once the video loads, otherwise you could find yourself sitting there, waiting for it to suddenly play the “next scene” as I found myself doing.

    Courses offered online by ed2go has continued to experience increasing enrollment numbers envious of any learning institution. Between 2002 through 2007, the number of students having taken at least one online course offered by ed2go jumped by nearly 70%. During the fall semester of 2007 alone, over 4 million students were enrolled in at least one online course.

   With a catalog of over 340 courses covering anything from…

  • Introduction to Digital Scrap Booking
  • Differentiating K-12 Assessments
  • Advanced Web Pages
  • Introduction to Guitar
  • Medical Math
  • Going Green at Home
  • Mystery Writing
  • Computers and Technology Courses
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Principles of Sales Management
  • Photographing People with your Digital Camera
  • Enjoying European Art Online

…all the way to Solving Classroom Discipline Problems and just about any other subject you could imagine, any subject is simply a click away!

   Today, the nearly unlimited course topics can easily be found in the Full Catalog available online for your leisure review. As they say at ed2go, there is something for everyone!

    It may be as basic as GED Preparation or as complex as Marketing Your Nonprofit. But there is one absolute; ed2go can get you there! According to their own internal survey results, over 95% of students who have taken at least one ed2go online course plan on enrolling in another! That, alone, says a bit. Throw in the fact that they are a part of one of the world’s leading higher educational publishers, Cengage Learning, any potential student can realize where the commitment to delivering highly customized learning solutions for both academic and professional organizations comes from.

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