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Shopper’s Briefer is about assisting in any way possible at helping the shopper avoid the dreaded wheel of experience that follows a regretful online buying decision of one kind or another.

   About Shopper's Briefer -Old Orthodox Apocalypse Wall-painting from medieval Osogovo Monastery, Republic of Macedonia Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Orthodox-Apocalypse-Fresco.jpgThis is What Shopper’s Briefer.com is About!

Shopper’s Briefer is about transparency, honesty, and ethics! This site is about informing the online shopping consumer of advisories or alerts that online shoppers should be aware of and could benefit from. The idea for shoppersbriefer.com was based on the need of informing the public about valuable services and products available online today, but may not be common knowledge or a household name. It’s also about alerts!

About The Site Administrator

About Shopper's Briefer Administrator

I grew up in Van Nuys, California. I became an Eagle Scout on February 3, 1971 from Scout Troop 156 in Van Nuys and graduated from Van Nuys High, Class of 1974.

Upon graduating, I entered the United States Air Force to train and work as an Aircraft Electronics Technician. The F104 and F106 Delta Wings were the focus of my trade.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Northridge in 1985. I am a member of Ρhi Τheta Κappa (ΦΘΚ), Alpha Sigma Theta (ΑΣΘ) Chapter through Utah Valley University where I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Science. I am also alum to Golden Key International Honour Society.

I’ve scaled Mount Whitney at the tail-end of completing the entire John Muir Trail with some of the greatest guys I could have ever had the opportunity to know. Nearly 250 total miles of trekking along the Sierra-Nevada’s of California. I spent my youth conquering every major mountain peak and nearly every summit that I could find. I’ve had the opportunity to work in radio as a broadcaster and audio editor. I’ve worked in television as an ADR [post-production audio] engineer for an ABC television series.

After having spent over 20 years in the business of sales, I am now an F.A.A. Certified Private Pilot, a traveler, and a consumer who loves snowboarding in the back country deep pow, Fly-fishing quiet streams, cycling the back roads, sailing in vast open waters, and golf on any other day.

I’m someone, probably just like you, who has experienced the pitfalls of an unsatisfied consumer of goods or services where customer service turned out much less than stellar. I have experienced running the gauntlet of endless recorded messages at an attempt at getting…. absolutely nowhere!

  Shopper’s Briefer is about assisting in any way possible at helping the shopper avoid the dreaded wheel of experience that follows a regretful online buying decision of one kind or another. It’s also about promoting informed online shopping by placing the added power of knowledge and awareness into your hands, the online consumer.

   Today’s online shopper is evolving, becoming more like a special forces operative skilled at spotting the rip-off artist and scammer before they take root. And with the clutter of promo’s and preachers of miracle solutions, advisories and briefings informing online shoppers could be the antidote. At least maybe a buffer of sorts.   

    Just as every pilot reviews advisories and briefings before take-off, this shopper’s briefer site plays the same role at advising the consumer about what may or may not have been taken into consideration before making the purchase. Assisting the consumer at experiencing a favorable outcome of the purchase experience is the goal here!

Based on our Mission Statement, Shopper’s Briefer strives to help you enjoy your online shopping experience without the stress and concerns sometimes associated with it. Whether you’re considering shopping for the hottest new device or the latest in consumer electronics, finding baby gear at bargain prices, searching for apparel, or simply reading the blog on a given company, product, or person, this site is simply about informing you!


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