Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Shopper’s Briefer promises that you will not however, ever find a false scam review designed to get you to buy an alternative product found on this site.

Shopper’s Briefer Mission Statement!

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The Mission Statement is simple! Shopper’s Briefer provides a checklist, alerts, and briefings of what online shoppers should look for, what they should look out for, and issues they should consider. Information that should be considered while providing background information on the various merchants and their products. The kind of information that any online consumer should be aware of before making a buying decision.

Whether it be the best online deals for travel, men’s or women’s health issues, or organic living, these are just a few of the topics covered here. Continuing education, self-improvement, and job development are a big part of the content you’ll find here. Everything from Apparel to jewelry, special gift Ideas for both Him & Her are all a part of Shopper’s Briefer.

Alerts and Advisories

Alerts and advisories are all part of what Shopper’s Briefer brings to the table. Letting you in on the details and background information on a product or merchant you might be considering doing business with could prove beneficial. Shopper’s Briefer lays it out on various products you may be considering to purchase, and then leaves it up to you to decide!

Based on the values of integrity, transparency, honesty, and ethics, our mission statement takes you to our Affiliate Relations Disclosure site for your full review. This is an expansion of our disclosure statement. The Affiliate Disclaimer link is found in the footer of each page, as well as providing a link to a Consumer Education Portal that provides the consumer with expanded information about what an affiliation relationship actually is, and how the consumer themselves benefit by purchasing product and services through affiliated websites.

A Checklist To Consider

Shopper’s Briefer tells the average online consumer about both the pitfalls and benefits of online shopping. This site is about helping you to avoid the agony that seems to go with today’s consumer. When it comes to the ever-present pitfalls associated with the purchase of a product or service that doesn’t quite live up to expectations, we try to tell before you buy.

This mission statement promises that you will not however, ever find a false scam review designed to get you to buy an alternative product found on this site. The internet is full of all the rip-off “gurus” telling you they, themselves, aren’t one of those rip-off gurus! The term “honest review” doesn’t actually exist on those sites! You can read more about this site!


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