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The following is a more detailed full transparency provided to you, the user of this site, to prove intent to operate in the most ethical way possible, leaving nothing in question for any user of

Affiliate Relations Disclosure To Our Users!

Affiliate Relations -Shopper's Briefer | Advisories, Alerts, Briefings | A Checklist To Consider -Old Orthodox Apocalypse Wall-painting from medieval Osogovo Monastery, Republic of Macedonia Source:    This Affiliate Relations Disclosure Policy is Valid 30th, January, 2012: *ShoppersBriefer has an affiliate relations agreement with various publisher/merchants that display on this site through Affiliate Networks like LinkShare, ShareASale, Commission Junction, HostGator, 24Option, and others. This means Shopper’s Briefer receives a commission if you follow links from this website and make a purchase.

   Your purchase of products or services via a link helps to support this website. However, you will not be charged any more for your purchase as if you had not purchased by linking through this site. In some instances, you may even purchase an item at discount by linking through this site because of exclusive discounts that are periodically offered through merchant affiliate sites like

Credibility Matters!

    Credibility is extremely important to this site! That is why all issues published on Shopper’s Briefer have been personally evaluated and scrutinized through due-diligence about the company, product line, and other publicly known facts. Shopper’s Briefer does not espouse the use of testimonials of third parties, biased statistical research performed by the company or product themselves, nor “assumed” fact(s) that do not originate from the manufacturer directly. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are the individual blogger’s own.

    The following is a more detailed full transparency, leaving nothing in question for any user of

Let it be clear that this site has nothing to hide from you, the user! Obviously, Shopper’s briefer would like you to buy the products and services that appear on this site and is influenced by that fact. You do not pay any more for a product when you purchase through a link from this site as you would otherwise.

FTC Policy

   FTC policy (16 CFR Part 255) – requires full transparency about any and all affiliate relations on this…or any site. Simply stated, you, the user, visitor or customer, should assume that any and all links on this site that lead you to another site are affiliate links. You should further assume that when you click on these links that allow you to visit the resulting site, a cookie is set in your web browser which allows this site to receive a commission if you make a purchase of a product or service on the other end. This is essentially a legitimate way to monetize and help pay for the operation of this web site, and we are pleased to reveal our affiliate relations to you here.

    You should be aware that, as affiliate relations go, any hyperlinks on this site are most likely shortened, and in some case, cloaked to hide the long and unappealing resulting link to allow for functionality and tracking purposes. This is a very common and legitimate practice on all types of web sites.

No One Pays This Site For Reviews or Posts Which May benefit the Vendor

  We do not receive cash or physical product directly in exchange for any posts or reviews found on this site. This blog is not paid to do reviews. Nor are we asked by any of this site’s venders to do reviews. Reviews are a part of affiliate relations. Such reviews are a theme of this site’s service to its users. These reviews are a tool that help readers evaluate products or services.

We are required to tell you it is possible that any reviews or posts published on this site are most likely influenced by the affiliate relations with that vendor and may create a conflict of interest because posts and reviews on this site are a result of the blog author’s trust in that particular vendor’s product or service. This site strives to always offer honest opinion based on the blogger’s own beliefs, findings, or experience about the given product, service, or topic written about and promoted on this site. Continue Reading

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