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  In a real general sense of the word, a glossary directory simply provides a list of an explanation [or explanations] of concepts relevant to a certain field of study or action1. The concept can be held in a single word within the content of an article on a specific field, as is the case within and throughout this website.

   The extended information of a single word or phrase within a given article content is such that the article itself would be confusing to follow if the added detail defining such a word or phrase was to be injected into the content itself.

   Shopper’s Briefer Glossary Directory simply separates the word or phrase found in a given article needing expanded explanation or definition that is necessary to supplement the article content. Thus the purpose of this easy-to-find-resource Glossary Directory page.

Copyright Use Guidelines

You may use any information on this site as long as you follow the following:

    For purposes of your own research on any word or phrase found on our Glossary Directory page, you are permitted to use the information. It is permitted as long as you cite the source [i.e.]. This applies to copying and pasting any link found within the content of the definition or explanation [of the word or phrase being used] taken from this site, and placed within your own content. However, Copy and paste Reproduction Prohibited without Express Permission by the source of the article itself which is identified in its own content.

   Below, you will find categories under which various articles exist on this site. You will find the topic, subject, or phrase listed in alphabetical order under the category heading. Simply click on the word or phrase to be directed to its content containing detailed explanation or information on the subject.

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