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Integrity is Disclosure! Shopper’s Briefer strives to be as transparent as possible to those who put their trust…

Integrity is All About Disclosure!

Disclosure -Shopper's Briefer | Advisories, Alerts, Briefings | A Checklist To Consider -Old Orthodox Apocalypse Wall-painting from medieval Osogovo Monastery, Republic of Macedonia Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Orthodox-Apocalypse-Fresco.jpgIntegrity is Disclosure! Shopper’s Briefer strives to be as transparent as possible to those who put their trust in what this blog tries to offer its followers and casual readers alike. 

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What this Disclosure is not!

Disclosure, in this application of the word, is not a movie about a computer specialist being sued for sexual harassment. Nor is it The Disclosure Project. A research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs. This disclosure has nothing to do with the musicians, Guy and Howard Lawrence from the UK. For the purposes of this disclosure, by definition it is the act of making something known, something revealed or exposed. I hope that this disclosure does exactly that!

*Note: The above statement was originally posted on the home page as a first blog under the title Shopper’s Brief; A Consumer’s Blog, “This is Launch Day!” posted Friday, January 13th, 2012 as a Home Page Introductory post. Since that date, that blog has simply become about shopper’s Briefer and its administrator. Its intent is to show the reader a little background of this site.

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