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The best grammar checker is designed with the understanding that editing needs of different writers require different approaches.

Best Grammar Checker Ever!

Best Grammar Checker -Grammarly      Today’s best grammar checker question: when referring to such distinguished educational institutions like DeVry, Princeton, Penn State, WALDEN University, University of Virginia and many others, what commonality do they share?

Answers to Questions

     Answer: They all endorse the use of the The world’s best grammar checker software available anywhere!

     Next question: What do millions of bloggers, ESL learners, business owners, copy writers, consultants, and well over 3,000,000 students all have in common?

     Answer: They look to the best grammar checker as their solution to the pressing problem of poor writing skills! Whether it’s K-12 or higher education, the best grammar checker software app found anywhere is Grammarly!

Alarming Statistics

     According to findings by the National Center for Educational Statistics, more than 75% of all high school grads are not writing proficiently. These fresh graduates who are hoping to move on with higher education or the work force are ill ready for what they will only discover to be a difficult road ahead because of weak writing skills.

    The Chronicle of Higher Education conducted a survey that revealed nearly 50% of higher education faculty members say freshmen entering higher education institutions are inadequately prepared for the college-level writing challenges they will face. Disparity exists in student writing skill levels when compared to where the student should be at the corresponding educational level.

What About Grammarly?

     Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Grammarly is a privately held company with more than fifty employees. The best grammar checker is simply an automated proofreader that performs out of the box as your personal grammar coach.

     Correcting up to ten times more mistakes than what popular word processors typically find, the best grammar checker will instantly find and correct more than 250 types of grammatical rule mistakes. The application will also check for more than 150 common grammar errors and enhance vocabulary usage. While doing so, the application will automatically offer up context-optimized vocabulary citation suggestions for you to improve your word choice. This would include everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. If there are exceptions to the rule, those, too, are explained.

     Grammatical errors are analyzed and then clearly displayed. Errors are then categorized and organized in such a form that makes it easy for you to review and make revisions.

Why Use It?

     The best grammar checker is designed with the understanding that editing needs of different writers require different approaches. So Grammarly designed the best grammar checker! An application with flexibility of being set to check grammatical errors according to the writer’s specifications. Analyzing grammar of General writing, Academic, Technical, Business, Creative, or Casual writing genres can be customized as well. Give it a try for free!

     The best grammar checker will protect you against plagiarism. How? By checking your text against a database consisting of over eight billion documents. Along with allowing for optimized grammar review based on your individualized writing needs, the best grammar checker includes a thorough contextual plagiarism and spelling check. A basic feature included among its many other features.

Key Features and Benefits

     Grammarly’s best grammar checker not only identifies plagiarism beyond just identifying borrowed text (as most plagiarism checkers do) but also offers corrections with quickness and ease. Grammarly will then automatically generate references in three formats as an added helpful tool. This allows writers the ability to work with and discuss other written works.

     The American Psychological Association auto-generated citations make it easy for writers, students in particular, who need to reference other writers. And when referring to isn’t critical, or your writing is informal or personal, simply turn off the best grammar checker plagiarism checker feature.  This will save you both time and energy.

     These are but a few of the many benefits and features offered by Grammarly’s best grammar checker on the market today. Without a doubt, Grammarly is the world’s most correct grammar checker. It has earned that reputation because it is!

     You don’t need to look further than a recent Grammarly survey involving more than 800 respondents to see why so many users are more than just simply satisfied, and why this best grammar checker is endorsed by hundreds of major colleges and universities around the world.


     In conclusion, Grammarly offers subscriptions on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Each subscription period offers a seven-day free trial! A trial allowing you the privilege of experiencing first-hand the outstanding performance of Grammarly. The best grammar checker to ever hit the writing world.

     Subscription prices start at under $15 per month. Grammarly also offers bulk license authorization to business enterprises, educational institutions, and government entities.

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