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Why would you want to get involved with blog startups? Well, in today’s internet world, creating a strong web presence is mandatory if you hope to compete in the marketplace. What you need is a way for consumers to find you. Simply, a blog is a website that….

Creating Your Site

Next, with a domain name and a web hosting site in hand, the most obvious question is “how do I put together a blog site?” Or maybe several blog startups! Well, the simplest and easiest answer is WordPress Themes!┬áThe fact is, there is no other theme publisher aside from WordPress that gives the novice blog site developer the resources and tools to be able to so easily and quickly create an online presence. Every theme is built around, well, a theme. By clicking on the selections, a detailed explanation of the focus of that particular theme is presented. Choose what theme feels good to you. Which theme makes you excited to present yourself as? There are free and premium themes. Search the free themes and compare the features and benefits of the premium themes.

What To Look For

There are a few features that should be within the theme you ultimately choose. Among them, make sure that the theme is jetpack, SEO, and Yoast SEO compatible or ready! This information will be stated on the theme info button that appears as you hover over the theme sample on the theme selection page. Your theme should also be more for blogging than a website. In the white search box, you can search, for example, with jetpack, free with jetpack, blogging, or SEO ready to narrow your selection down to those themes that are most likely going to serve you best.

Finally, although there are several plugins that you’ll ultimately be adding to your website for functionality, the one you should never think about going without is jetpack! This is the one essential plugin that your WordPress theme shouldn’t be without! All blog startups need it! This cannot be emphasized enough. Jetpack is security, hassle-free design, and marketing of your site all-in-one. Take the product tour and see for yourself what it will do for you. And again, you have the option of starting out with the free version if your budget for blog startups call for it.


In conclusion, every blog site focuses on its own theme. Whether you’re promoting a rock-chip repair business or featuring your own photography masterpieces, your site represents you. And since you know you best, it’s best to take your own advice, your own impressions, and build on what you are all about. It’s not always about just creating a web presence. Anyone can slap a WordPress site up in minutes. But creativity, across the web, is found few and far between. Have fun, and enjoy being creative!

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