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Women Shoes Invasion | Women’s Shoe Fetish

Although not intended to be taken literally, women shoes are often sold as being “sexy” as a way to seal the deal. History bears this out.

Women Shoes -Womens Sexy Pumps Women Shoes Invasion Takes Fetish Hold

   Women Shoes are almost an iconic cult within women circles. Even men, who know women, know women who are in love with women shoes. It’s almost an inescapable fact that women love their footwear. Anything from flats to classic pumps, from stylish cool designer sneakers to slippers, and from shiekh to wedges or simple casual all-around footwear, women shoes have taken over the civilized world as we know it!

A Real Fetish!

It’s a real fetish, women shoes are. What once was a simple accessory to her wardrobe is now an obsession. Ask any guy! Or has it always been this way? I mean, women shoes can hold a sexual attractive quality that most men, and women themselves, really don’t openly talk about. But it’s there, right out in the open. Although not intended to be taken literally, women shoes are often sold as being “sexy” as a way to seal the deal. History bears this out. It’s well-known that in the 19th century, as a sign of devotion, young men would drink champagne or wine from their lady’s shoe. Awe, …what romance! Women Shoes -Bali Sandels

   Women shoes are trendy. It is so uncanny how a pair of women’s shoes can make or break her entire outfit. But it’s true! We guys hate to admit it, let alone admit anything at all that gives our gal an excuse to spend more green. Yes, guys, let’s be honest! We all love to look at women wearing a fine set on her feet. Whether it’s tall, slim legs toting hot pink pumps, or the girl next door walking her dog in a pair of clogs, we guys can’t get enough of it! As much as we’d like to deny it publicly, we love ’em too!

A Guy’s Perspective

   Now, I’m not a foot guy, per se (again, public denial). Nor do I have a fetish for shoes (well, maybe for my cowboy boots). But we’re talking women shoes here! So, I will have to admit, the trendy style of the seemingly endless parade of shoe fashion grabs even my attention (no admission to a fetish). And, though I haven’t previously given it much thought, it is probably more than just O.K. to give your girl a pair of shoes instead of that bouquet that’s bound to wither. Regardless of the fact that she may wear the new pair only once before she’s ready to go shopping …again! 

   I mean, why else is she likely to open a separate checking account or steal your credit card? You get to discover her new pair of shoes in the closet weeks or even months later! Think about this: in 2011, professional poker player Beth Shak came clean when she publicly announced she owns over 1,200 pairs of women shoes. That collection is over half a million dollars in high-end heels!

Women Shoes - Pumps   Don’t tell me they’re not dangerously elegant! You’ve got to admit you’ve seen the girl toting around in high, very high pumps she can hardly keep under heel! Treacherous stilettos, towering wedges, and extreme platforms have grabbed more than their market share. You don’t have to look further than Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video to find her strutting twelve-inch heels or Tina Fey’s “Saturday Night Live” opening monologue in five-inch pumps to see the elements I’m addressing here.

   Online shoe outlets with names like Naturalizer and Lifestride are all under siege with shoe shoppers in general at a rate unprecedented in American shopping history. No doubt, if not for internet accessibility contributing to this shoe madness, it wouldn’t be so noticeable.

   Women shoes account for more than 60% of the total shoe sales in just the United States alone. Shoe sales are a $40 Billion dollar industry. Women shoes can nearly be thought of as a cult of its own. A cult frantically driven by shoe pimps on nearly every corner and around every shopping mall wall.

   We’ve all watched the girl who can’t even walk in ‘em! Let alone stand still for any time without having her ankles give out. She’ll spend good money on that last “one-of-a-kind” pair just to own them. But take note: we “watched” her! Women shoes can be impractical and extremely uncomfortable. But hot? Yes! Are they elegant? Yes! Are they dangerously elegant? Absolutely!

By BrieferBob

A free-lance writer, the author is an FAA Licensed Private Pilot. He received his first Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cal State University, Northridge. He was inducted into both the Golden Key International Honour Society and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society while pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Science at Utah Valley University. He's a traveler and a consumer who enjoys fly fishing, cycling, sailing, snowboarding, and golf on any other day. His writing offers briefings, advisories, alerts, and checklists for online shoppers.

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