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She has spent more than 20 years of her professional life at helping people become successful at winning the battle of healthy weight maintenance.

17 Day Diet Plan -Caroline J. Cederquist, MD_The MD Factor DietCan A 17 Day Diet Plan Really Work?

  Is there an effective 17 day diet plan? In her book The MD Factor Diet: A Physician’’s Proven Diet for Metabolism Correction and Healthy Weight Loss, Doctor Caroline J. Cederquist says that over 150 million Americans battle with a metabolism dysfunction condition she identifies as the MD Factor. This equates to about 89% of those who struggle to lose weight as part of their lifestyle.

   Co-founder and medical director of Bistro MD, Dr. Cederquist founded Cederquist Medical Wellness Center in 1997 and practices in Naples, Florida. She has spent more than 20 years of her professional life at helping people become successful at winning the battle of healthy weight maintenance. She focuses her practice on helping those who deal with the MD Factor at overcoming the challenges that go along with weight control. To this end, she created and developed a weight loss system called The 17 Day Diet Plan.

   Known as the MD Factor Diet in some circles, this simple 17 day diet plan offers the discovery concept that metabolism dysfunction must be isolated and dealt with as the primary reason millions of Americans simply don’t win the fight at losing weight. The chemical changes that occur sooner or later with aging simply reverse our body’s natural ability to lose weight. And not everyone’s body will properly respond to any one single diet plan.

   Based on the age-old concept that dieting shouldn’t have to be a struggle, filled with bland and boring food that seems to further deaden your taste buds, Dr. Cederquist’s 17 day diet plan is developed around the idea that weight loss should not be something you “suffer” through. But rather a healthy weight loss and continued weight control plan should be without sacrifice, allowing you the pleasure of enjoying good food while engaging in the healthy activities of your choosing.

   Realizing that a woman’s weight control diet demands differ from a man’s body, this simple 17 day diet plan is tailored to not only gender, but also to diabetic and gluten-free needs as well. But hey, guys get slim too! Correcting your metabolism, improving your cholesterol and blood pressure, and enhancing the quality of your sleeping are all but just a few essential keys to enjoying life the way everyone wants it to be. Regulating blood sugar and reducing your craving for starches and sweets are also vital factors. According to probably every medical professional and dietician you’ll ever talk with, a healthy diet is the only foundation from which to build a successful and fun plan.

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