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Apparel Defined | True Meaning Variables

Apparel defined may mean Clothing like Jackets, shirts, dresses- from where apparel defined can go just about anywhere, ending up everywhere.

Apparel Defined | Its True Meaning

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Apparel defined typically addresses Jackets, shoes, dresses, or in the more prudish sense of the word, apparel defined could be a garment, raiment, garb, costume, hosiery, or outfit. And from there the definition(s) of that word can go just about anywhere Ending up everywhere!

     It could define clothing as to clothe or dress, a covering to adorn or embellish, or a covering of adornment to adorn one’s self. You could be more main stream about it and simply call it clothing, or better yet, threads. We could expand that term if we wanted to get a little Apparel Defined -Vera Bradley Designs confronting and define it as outerwear, underwear, or just plain “wear.” Garments if we so choose. Could we settle it and agree that apparel defined could be anything that decorates our outer appearance? Or that it disguises our superficial aspect of how we want to present ourselves?

Let’s get Crazy About it!

    Apparel Defined -Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses-We could get a little Ecclesiastical about it, showing our pious side, and simply say apparel defined is a piece of oblong embroidery, a vestment on the amice whatever that means! What could really be fun is if we get a bit nautical in defining it. In that sense, apparel could be sails or masts. The dressings of a yacht. And like the proud owner of a yacht, we convince ourselves of having a personal vesting at impressing that someone special.

    Whatever it is, from swimwear to high-end leather jackets, whatever apparel defined means to you, I hope it’s all fun! I hope you enjoy the hunt for that dazzling new dress, the hottest looking jacket, and of course, those new pair of shoes you can’t go without –uh…accessories!

   Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover something you never knew was out there. It’s all about having fun! The name of the game is always shopping and having fun at it! And with that, let me wish you…HAPPY HUNTING!



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