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For CE credit courses online, it’s the agent campus for real estate, insurance, Certified Public Accountant or OSHA CE credit cert…

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For CE credit courses online, This is the agent campus for real estate, insurance, Certified Public Accountant or OSHA continuing education credit credentials. Professions like product display, food & beverage services, or medical transcription can be launched.

Industrial trades and engineering courses are available. IT and software training certification are available. You’ll discover that both entrepreneurship and business skill courses are offered. You can even subscribe to a business building library that is hard to rival.

Furthermore, over 6,000 regulated and non-regulated courses covering various career development topics have attracted over 4 million students in over 170 countries covering the globe. From small business owners to major corporations, 360training offers integrating training solutions for all levels of educational, skill training and certification needs. Whether you are looking to gain the knowledge and skills as a self-employed contractor, or a human resources director looking to provide professional development and training for employees, the benefits to you and your employees are strait-forward.

These benefits include:

  • There are no distractions!
    1. Eliminating side-bar discussions that have nothing to do with the subject at hand are key. These distractions occur in classroom settings.
    2. With most online job training courses, there is still a forum discussion available for the student to interact with other students focusing on the course topic.
  • CE credit courses online save time!
    1. By selecting a course that directly applies to the needed certification, there is no wasted time or effort.
    2. Online job training courses do not require the student to travel anywhere!
  • CE credit courses online save money!
    1. The student saves travel money for other expenditures.
    2. Furthermore, most online job training courses can cost less than 20% or more when compared to in-class tuition and books.
  • The student can learn on their own schedule!
    1. CE credit courses online are flexible to fit the student’s own lifestyle, work schedule, and time-frame to completing the course.

In conclusion, continuing education credit courses online in subjects like Insurance or Real Estate are not limited to just pre-licensing packages. Required CE credit courses are available as well. OSHA safety courses, bar tending, and other service professions requiring continued education credit certification are also offered. Finally, there are also employee training courses covering topics like food safety or hospitality training. And free courses on topics like how to improve your tips and get more tips on getting larger tips! Browse all courses available and see for yourself if it’s a fit for your professional advancement.


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