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Customized Invitations Immortalize Best Memories |

The perfect customized invitations or announcement of your new bundle of joy or a sweet sixteen birthday party will freeze the memorable moment in time.

    Customized Invitations Capture Moments

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Immortalize your best memories with your own creatively customized invitations. By creating an announcement that is as unique as you are, those who receive your customized invitations bond with the moment. The invitation itself becomes a timeless treasured memory never to be forgotten.

As years pass and memories fade, the flicker of light continues to burn bright in the memory of those who once again glance at your customized invitations you created exclusively to invite them to share in your special moment.

Furthermore, customized invitations by eInvite have no limit to what you can do! It may be that you’re looking for engagement announcements, classic wedding invitations ofCustomized Invitations -eInvite -PARTY Announcement enduring beauty, or announcing anniversary celebrations to come. The perfect announcement of your new bundle of joy or a sweet sixteen birthday party will freeze the memorable moment in time. Personalized invitations include graduation commencement, congratulatory, holiday greeting, communion, or bar mitzvah invites. Even a simple Thank You card is on the menu as well. Whatever your celebration, customized invitations offer you the best solution.

Customized Invitations Are Nothing New

First of all, customized wedding invitations were first highlighted as far back as Spring, 2004 by Weddings InStyle Magazine. In January, 2010, BRIDES Magazine focused on the “low-cost without compromise” benefits and the look of the end product. And again in its August, 2010 issue as well. eInvite was also featured in The Denver Post, Tulsa World ( Send A Note, Susan Brown ) and

Once you have selected your perfect design, eInvite’s patented personalization suite takes you through the customized creative process. You will personalize your text, font size, style, and ink color. Before making a final decision, you can easily preview your creative work. You can see what it will look like with a full-color electronic proof.

Customized Invitations -eInvite -Destination Wedding InvitationFinally, do you need Helpful Wedding Invitation Etiquette? Are you thinking of planning a Destination Wedding? eInvite can help you out here as well. You’ll even find event day accessories to accommodate your special occasion or reason to party.

In conclusion, to help make your festive planning a little less stressing, special occasion or party gift ideas are also available. You can personalize items like pillows, wall art, or ceramic items readily found at eInvite.

     Find the perfect invitation or announcement for any occasion. Personalize, preview, and order right on the spot at eInvite!

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