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The home based income survey companies listed here are the best I’ve found, although there are plenty in the marketplace I have not reviewed from personal use as of yet, which leaves the door open to adding more options here in the near future.

Home Based Income OpportunitiesInternet Offers Home Based Income Opportunities!

    Home based income is becoming more trendy. If you’re considering taking a simple step away from the ordinary, you just might discover your own way to a recession proof income. Some are free while most of the better offers charge a small fee to get started.

    If you’re not prone to be someone who is likely to take time out from life’s busy schedule to actually start your own home business, but need extra cash while working from home, this blog might help!

   Be cautious of potential scams! Any time you deal with internet related home based income offers of any kind, there is always the potential of a scam lurking in the background. My Tip on any fee-based home based income offer: DON’T TAKE THE FIRST PRICE YOU SEE! If you’re willing to pay the membership fee, each time you attempt to move away from the site, the first quoted fees will reduce each time you make a new attempt at getting off the site. 

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    With one home based income offer I took advantage of, the fee went from $59 on the first offer all the way down to $28! Leave the page and most likely a lower offer shows up! But be careful not to completely leave the link! You might find yourself starting over with the higher offer if you’re not careful. However, with one major online money-making offer, I left the page only to have a new window show up, offering me a dramatic reduction of the first requested fee.

    With a home based income survey, it went from $49 on the first offering down to $37 once I clicked to close the window. On my next click to close that window, another new window opened offering the same opportunity at $27. They all pretty much work like this. But again, be cautious not to click out entirely! You should also take a thorough look at the site for any discount coupon and take advantage of it.


    Complete with testimonies and a sample calculator to create an “estimate of your potential income”, online home based income offers do exist, and do return a profit. But it is never as clear as it initially seems.

Home Based Income -Cash Surveys Only

    Not all online home based income surveys pay real cash, particularly those that DO NOT charge fees to take part. They credit you with points. Your accumulated point credits are not redeemable for cash, as the small disclaimers properly tell you. They are traded for various gift card offers or a prepaid debit card.

    The way most home based income surveys pay, you can’t use your gift card or credit card to actually pay any bills or put food on the table, but the upside is that there are plenty of items such as apparel and other every day useful tools and toys to choose from, things you are likely purchasing on a daily or weekly basis anyway. So in that sense, you’re making money that can be spent, but not in cold, hard cash.

    If it’s cash you’re looking for, these home based income survey offers usually have a small one-time participatory fee attached, but with a 30 day or 60 day money back guarantee. The fee is usually relatively minimal, especially if you heed my earlier tip. Fusion Cash is one of a few exceptions: free to register, pays for referrals as well.

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    The best part of online home based income survey offers is that you need no previous experience and no special skills. As long as you have access to the internet, you’re in business. I would, however, recommend that you first set up a new and separate e-mail account earmarked exclusively for survey offers that could end up with a barrage of new e-mails. It’s also nice to know that if you want to take a break or even stop it entirely, you can either ignore or drop that e-mail account without risking losing your contacts.

    I do home based income surveys myself. I take part in various home based income survey offers that pay in both cash and points. But I don’t participate in every survey that shows up in my “dedicated” email either. I am selective, as you should be as well, utilizing time for the best rate of return for the time spent. With most home based income survey providers, they show both the payout and the expected time to complete the survey on the introductory page of the survey itself.

    Some of my personal choices are Surveys, Etc., Surveys At Home, and Get Cash For Surveys, as well as a few others. The last one mentioned offers a $50 cash bonus when you do your first survey, but this offer is not always available.

    I urge you to check out as many home based income survey offers as possible so you will always have an ample supply of open surveys in your e-mail, as this will keep you going. Some pay in cash only (most preferred) while others will pay a combination of cash and points. But stay away from those that pay strictly in points. You have more options with cash.

    The home based income survey companies listed here are the best I’ve found, although there are plenty in the marketplace I have not reviewed from personal use as of yet, which leaves the door open to adding more options here in the near future.

    Focus group participation pays the higher dollars when compared to the quick 15 to 20 minute survey. You can even rate products first hand and end up keeping it as payment.

    Let’s face it! These companies don’t have a clue about what the consumer [you & me] like until we give them the feedback they so desperately need. Without our opinion, companies like Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, Microsoft, Ford, Nokia, HP, Dell, nearly every Fortune 500 Company, realize they could end up wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in promotional fees on something that isn’t going anywhere!

    It’s the survey takers who offer guidance to a given company, ultimately saving them big money in the way they advertise a given product. That is why so many companies are looking to get people who are serious about participating in home based income surveys. And they are willing to pay you for it! If they don’t know what the consumer likes and wants, they’re out of business by the next cycle. We could talk video games, smart phones, laptops, all the way to automobiles. In other words, if you understand the leverage that survey participants actually have in the free market place, you would realize the opportunity you have at your fingertips, literally!

    If you think about how a company benefits from your opinion, it all comes down to marketing strategy for the advertising firm that, again, receives big money to promote a given product. The Nielsen rating system is a great example. Without public feedback on what television and movie viewers watch, advertising agencies can’t target the customer who is most likely to purchase the product they have been paid to sell, thus wasting that client’s money which translates into losing that account to a competing advertising agency.

    Is there money to be made taking surveys? Yes! Will you get rich taking surveys? Survey promoters themselves say that you can earn as much as $2,000 to $3,000 each month. I don’t personally know of anyone who has! But for the average homemaker looking for a way to bring in an extra home based income of say $200 to $300 a month without having to leave the house and kids and punch a clock for someone else, this could be the ideal solution. For the unemployed or under-employed, this can create an incoming benefit.

    The secret to a descent home based income is signing up with several reputable survey companies at a time, assuring you of a continuous flow of survey offers. Otherwise, you could find yourself getting a little frustrated with waiting around for a survey offer to come your way.

    There is no conflict between one home based income survey company or the other. There is no “captive” agreement that you have to commit to. The more options, the merrier. Nor is there a “quota” to fill. Your participation level is totally left up to you, be it one a day or one a week. As to the level of earnings it may bring depends entirely on the effort a given survey taker is willing to put forth.

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