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   Aside from the roller coaster ride of moodiness and hot flashes that tend to take everyone close to you in its wake, just a few of the many symptoms that set you on your search for menopause relief include….

Natural Menopause Relief Simplified

Menopause Relief _Real Women  Menopause relief is something that every woman seeks sooner or later. The solution is a simple one. But the way you go about it can vary. Any woman dealing with menopause should seek advice from her health provider to come up with the best menopause relief solutions that best addresses her situation.

   There may be a variety of influencing outside factors not consciously known that a physician is more likely to recognize. Medication can be prescribed by your doctor. This may not be ideal for the naturalist who views medication as something foreign being injected into the natural building blocks of her anatomy. But sometimes, medication can be a strong remedy. Hormonal treatment or hormone therapy may just be the ticket. But risks do exist. There is no disputing that no one treatment is right for every woman.

Consider Simple Solutions

   Specific natural, herbal menopause relief options are readily available in today’s marketplace that focus on remedying a specific symptom or a combination of symptoms. Well known products like BioMed Health’s Femi-Yin or i-Health’s Estroven are but just a few of what’s out there. It is well documented that there are as many as 35 or more various symptoms experienced by women who are looking for menopause relief on one level or another.

   Statistics show that most women don’t find the need for treatment at all. Some women find that their symptoms dissipate over time, while others are simply not bothered by them at all. But there are always a percentage of women who find the symptoms to be annoying, if not down right irritating to deal with.

Common Effects of Menopause

   Aside from the roller coaster ride of moodiness and hot flashes that tend to take everyone close to you in its wake, just a few of the many symptoms that set you on your search for menopause relief include;

  • Night Sweats: Hot flashes, palpitations, dizziness, or nausea are a natural part of menopause. The down side is that these experiences interfere with your sleep time. It’s not uncommon for women who experience hot flashes during sleep wake up fatigued due to restless nights.
  • Low libido: It is not true that as you age you lose your sex drive. It simply needs replenished or revived so to speak.
  • Weight Gain: You don’t have to put up with irritating weight gain you feel you can’t control! Gaining weight, usually around the hips and abdomen area, are a fact of aging. The stress of life is the most likely culprit here. But you don’t have to accept it!
  • Insomnia is a symptom of hormonal imbalance. The lack of a good sound sleep can impact your body’s immune system efficiency at helping you recover from injury or illness. Your body needs time in a relaxed state of being. If you can’t take advantage of your sleep time, you’ll find your energy level drained.

Some Relief Suggestions

   Seeking menopause relief is simpler than you might think. It could be as simple as getting on a menopause weight loss plan. Changes in lifestyle might be something in need of review. Issues like diabetes can have an impact on what you’re not doing to stay as healthy as possible. Hence, natural solutions for menopause relief can be as simple as getting into a regiment that includes regular exercise, quit smoking, staying active, and implementing a personal stress reduction technique.

Ideas might include;

  • Become a reader of good books. Find a genre that you can sink into. Reading can slow things down and put you into a meditative state of mind. A good story can get your mind off of the issues that tend to crowd your mind and make life feel more complicated than it really is.
  • Take a few deep breaths! Stop and smell the roses. Whether it’s the park down the street or your own garden, take some time to feel the life force generated by the flowers that surround you. Breathe in, deeply, the fresh air that can revive your tired body, mind, and soul.
  • Furthermore, if you’re an animal lover, get yourself a domesticated friend. It’s amazing how a pet can help distract you from your own conflicts in life.
  • Finally, by simply increasing your metabolic rate through diet and exercise, you reduce your stress levels and increase endurance to handle it better. Activities like Pilates, Yoga, or any aerobic activity as simple as walking is no less than beneficial on some level. The last word? Just do it!

Educate Yourself On The Subject

A few good books on the subject that are worth checking out are:


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