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MSM Compound | Creative Process

Although the nutrition industry has established standards of MSM compound production, the purification methods of either distillation or crystallization are both acceptable. It comes down to…

MSM Compound _bauer_msm-powder_MSM Compound Creative Process Produces Tissue Support

MSM compound is a naturally occurring sulfur compound. The microscopic amounts occurring naturally in foods like tomatoes and milk are simply too small for enough extraction needed for commercial production as a dietary or joint support supplement.

Since there is no practical way to extract MSM in quantity from organic or plant source, the MSM compound is produced chemically identical to that which occurs naturally in both the human and animal body by a synthesis process. 

The purest MSM compound comes from the process that is the most “natural” occurrence found in nature; by either distillation or crystallization. The only two methods used to produce MSM.


Seems like Distillation is by far more universally accepted as superior purification. Because with distillation, heat is used to separate compounds by each of their unique boiling points. MSM’s boiling point is 478 degrees Fahrenheit. By a chemical synthesis process of reacting two raw materials, dimethylsulfoxide and hydrogen peroxide, a new molecule, MSM or dimethyl sulfone is formed. Stated another way, after the chemical synthesis process has formed MSM, it then purifies or separates itself from non-MSM remaining molecules by reaching a boiling point of 478 Degrees Fahrenheit. This “distillation” of MSM results in a very pure joint support supplement compound product.


Certainly, if the resulting MSM molecule is left to purify by crystallization, the end product can be adversely affected by the use of impure solvents. This could result in leaving toxic or other undesirable by-products in the mix. But it is still considered to be pure MSM. This (less) pure crystallization purification process is completely valid and poses no real harm to the MSM user. These traces of impure solvents simply negate the full potential that MSM would have otherwise had to offer the user.

Furthermore, although the nutrition industry has established standards of MSM compound production, the purification methods of either distillation or crystallization are both acceptable. It comes down to the cost that any given MSM producer is willing to invest into the quality of the end product.

Other Factors to Consider

Finally, there are many other factors that figure purity (or lack thereof) of MSM. To summarize, these include;

  • The contamination that may occur at a production facility could allow other products involving improper sanitation procedures to spill into the production of MSM. Thus, impacting purity.
  • Heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other impurities present in the water supply used in the synthesis and crystallization process will ultimately stay in the product.
  • Inconsistent product formulation and the lack of strict control rules will likely produce impurity.
  • There exists a lack of a consistent purity testing protocol to make sure purity standards are maintained.

The OptiMSM label Difference

Above all is the OptiMSM difference! The difference is simple. The logo on your MSM product tells you you’re getting the original MSM purity exclusively used by Dr. Stanley Jacob, the medical doctor who first introduced MSM to the world. The only thing I know, based on my research of which I have shared with you here, is that the OptiMSM label is a guarantee! A guarantee that your MSM joint support supplement product (of any brand) is 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane.

*Note: does not imply any medical claims from this review. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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