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   Located in Mount Pleasant, Utah is a company that delivers GMO-free organic food and other organic products to your door. GreenPolkaDotBox is a membership club that caters to those patrons who are looking for organic food, personals and other household and natural remedy products. Catering to a variety of dietary needs like vegan lifestyles, gluten intolerance, and low-sugar requirements, Green PolkaDot Box delivers directly to your doorstep at a savings of up to 60% when compared to other organic retailers.

   With membership growing exponentially, Green PolkaDot Box has created a safe and cost-effective way for its members to purchase grocery staples and treats. This organic food membership association known as Green PolkaDot Box has received endorsements from groups like The Organic Consumers Association, 100 Days of Real Food, Food Babe, and Natural News’ Mike Adams.

   From fresh meat and dairy products to nutritional supplements, personal care products, and even organic food for your dog or cat, Green PolkaDot Box offers it at wholesale prices. The idea of its founder is simple; make clean organic food available to everyone, not just the wealthy! Brands like Blue Diamond Natural, BOKU, Earth’s Best Organic, GimMe Health Foods LLC, and Nutiva are just a few of what is available from over 200 brands to be delivered to your doorstep as a member of this GMO-free, organic food supplier.

   With an annual membership fee of $49.95 (about $4.00 monthly) you will easily make up in savings over what you would typically spend at your local organic food retailer. Up to 60% savings when compared to most retail outlets. The secret to real savings is purchasing at least $75 per order. That will get you free shipping included. The usual shipping fee is $9.95 for orders under $75.

   For even better savings, by setting up auto-ship, you get another 5% savings including free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Auto-ship can be canceled, changed, or suspended at any time with no explanation required.

   Convince yourself! Take advantage of a Free Trial Membership. Pay no membership fee and place an organic food order. Then compare the pricing of the items you receive with what you would pay at your local organic retailer. The link for the free trial comes up as a green box to the far right of the page once you click on “Join Now” located to the far right at the top menu of the Green PolkaDot Box site.


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