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   Stress Management, or the lack thereof, has long been recognized as a major player in our overall health and well-being. According to most health studies, poor stress management on a personal level is directly related to nearly 90% of all visits to health-care providers.

   The psychological, social, and professional impact that stress management can have on an individual can be priceless if properly applied in your personal development. But the fact is most people don’t know the first thing about stress management and how it can apply to nearly every aspect of their lives.

   Most of us know or have at least heard that a good diet, nutrition, and exercise are essential to reducing stress levels. But what about other therapies that might be available among the mix of what stress management is entirely all about? Just how can we get stress under our control? The spectrum of psychotherapy and other techniques focused on helping people with stress management can be mind-boggling. That may not be what you need, right? Discovering more choices could simply compound the stress level you’re seeking to reduce.

   You can find nearly endless literature on the topic of stress management covering everything from how top executives stay calm to meditation techniques (which are one way top exec’s control stress). Or you can read about the most stressed-out generation (to get yourself all stressed out…again!). And there are always the dietician and vitamin advisement that abound.

   If you haven’t gotten the picture by now, let me be clear; Stress Management, as a career, can put you in demand! Be it the traditional counselor or hypnotherapy, stress management can open doors you may not have previously considered. Companies and people are increasingly seeking consultation with therapists on all levels of expertise.

   So, how can you get started in such a field as stress management? The first option most likely to grab your thought is…college. Granted, a degree should be highly desirable. But it isn’t necessarily the golden egg. But some level of training and certification is an absolute necessity to gaining the expertise in any career field. The key is starting out on the right foot.

   Outside of a full-blown college degree program that can be cost prohibitive, continuing education courses may be a great alternative solution to getting started in any field of interest. Stress Management certification programs that do not require completion of a two or four-year degree program to complete may be available through your local college. But as continuing education course offering trends go, online options may be more convenient.

   Continuing education courses in stress management available online is becoming more and more prevalent as teaching institutions are forced to conform to the ever-changing faces of the worldwide web. One such option, usually available through your local college, is the Certification in Stress Management offered by ed2go! Through the program, you will find other stress management related certificated courses like Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health, Certificate in Meditation, Certificate in Spirituality, Health, and Healing, and others.

   Is a career as a stress management consultant, adviser, or therapist for you? If you consider yourself as a ‘people’ person, have an outgoing personality, and love to simply chat with others, it just might be your cup of tea!


By BrieferBob

A free-lance writer, the author is an FAA Licensed Private Pilot. He received his first Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cal State University, Northridge. He was inducted into both the Golden Key International Honour Society and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society while pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Science at Utah Valley University. He's a traveler and a consumer who enjoys fly fishing, cycling, sailing, snowboarding, and golf on any other day. His writing offers briefings, advisories, alerts, and checklists for online shoppers.

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