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With an emphasis on improving the customer’s bottom line, Clary Business Machines’ focus is offering customized online technology solutions. Solutions designed to meet the client’s needs.

Clary Business Machines Provides Technology Solutions

Clary Business Machines _Presentation Tools -Meeting Solutions     Clary Business Machines, a professional E-Commerce Company, found its start in San Diego, California in 1954 providing technology solutions to educational and government institutions as well as local corporations, reducing their costs of operation by improving operational efficiency.

    This is a Company recognized with prestigious awards. Awards such as ranked 940th among INC 5000 and listed as 34th among the Top 50 fastest growing companies in San Diego. Over the last three years, this company has shown a 324% growth rate.

Market Penetration

    Today, with over 40,000*clients corporate-wide, including government and educational institutions (i.e. Universities) as clients, Clary Business Machines has earned recognition as a company that is trust worthy at providing state-of-the-art end-to-end technological solutions. These solutions range from interactive learning tools, document management systems, medical diagnostic instruments, third-generation telecom solutions, and video conferencing.

   With an emphasis on improving the customer’s bottom line, Clary Business Machines’ focus is offering customized online technology solutions. Solutions designed to meet the client’s needs. In so doing, Clary Business Machines has become the leader in its industry. Not only in providing solutions in their own industry, but a leader in customer service. Service that’s available via phone, email, or live chat.

Customer Satisfaction

    Featuring the most comprehensive range of office products, Clary Business Machines excels! On a five-star scale of customer satisfaction ratings, the company’s average rating is 4.5 stars based on 151 reviews. Reviews that had been posted as of February 21, 2012. ResellerRatings showed the company at a 9.31 rating of 10 possible over the most recent six months of the date of this post. ResellerRatings is a leading merchant review platform chosen by nearly 2,000 retail brands. Brands like Barnes & Noble for example. ResellerRatings generate and manage merchant reviews, establishing consumer trust in SEO, Google products Search, AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, and Bing Shopping.

    Clary Business Machines has partnered with powerhouse companies such as Panasonic for classroom technology, Fellowes for office product, and Sony. From installing an interactive whiteboard for the Los Angeles Unified School District, to revamping National Geographic’s video communication system, they have established themselves as having the skills and talents to far surpass the customer’s expectations. Regardless of the scale of the challenge at hand.


   In conclusion, with one-third of the employees presently beyond a decade of service, Clary Business Machines has established unparalleled long-term customer satisfaction with the client base. When you add in the Price-Match guarantee, Clary Business Machines is hard to beat.

* Clary web site states 25,000 clients at the time of this writing. A direct conversation with a company representative stated they had over 46,000 customers in the data base. The audio commentator on their web site claims 40,000. The discrepancies are due to out-dated web site information.

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